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  1. bluerover

    PDR - Appraisal etc

    What I believe you may be referring to the the new scheme from the College of policing whereby to get your yearly increment rise for those not already at the top point. To do so you have to complete a kind of portfolio evidencing you have met certain criteria (similar to the SOLAP) I know in our force it only affects those with just over two years in or below for the time being but no doubt will be brought in to the other pay points over time so just hope you get top whack before then. With regards to taking away pay they aren't doing that, rathet just preventing you from moving up the scale until you meet the criteria. Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk
  2. bluerover


    hi all, Ive had a look around the forum with regard to footwear and a lot of people tend to suggest, magnums,lowa and such like. however are these suitable for initial training (ie 1st 6 months) or are you required to wear something more formal at this stage, as i cant seem to find a definitive answer and dont want to go ahead and pay a large sum on boots when they wouldnt be suitable whilst im in training thanks
  3. bluerover

    2011 Start date???

    anyone any feelings when the next intake may be?? i know its been a while since the last update but seeming as the last intake was last october, hopefully there may be one by the end of this year
  4. bluerover

    2011 Start date???

    anyone else received a letter in the last few days saying it highlt unlikely there will be any intakes in the 2011-2012 year. the wait goes on.lol
  5. bluerover

    october 2010 intakes

    just wondered if anyone who started on the intake in october could tell us how they are finding it and what to expect, it would be good to have an insight into what awaits us when they finally have another intake
  6. bluerover

    2011 Start date???

    hey dean0 what sort of approximate dates did they give u. i take it we will be waiting longer than i original thought. gutted
  7. bluerover

    2011 Start date???

    i spoke to a recruitment the other week and they said they will know more, come february possibly beggining of march. my money is on the next intake probably not being to april/may time although if the next few months go as quick as january has, it will be here in no time at all
  8. bluerover

    6 Weeks On, What's the Progress?

    im just waiting to hear back from vetting. sent it of almost 3 months ago now and keep ringing and they still not had it back. anyone any news with regard to next potential intake?
  9. bluerover

    Lincolnshire-its all gone tits up.....

    so just read in the skeggy target that after the next intake in october lincs are putting on hold the next intake that was due in february time untill they know in the new year the full extent of the forces budget. bit of a downer like but hopefully once they reviewed it all they will realise they can still go ahead with the intake, as ive passed everything now and just waiting on my vetting to be cleared which has take about 6 weeks already. this is the link to the article http://www.thisislincolnshire.co.uk/news/Lincolnshire-Police-recruitment-drive-hold/article-2661738-detail/article.html
  10. bluerover

    lincolnshire police start date

    hi scootay, i was just wondering when u handed your vetting forms back in and how long did it take for them to get back to you as i have passed my medical and fitness and just waiting to hear back about the vetting. i sent them off about 3 weeks ago. and well done mate on getting a start date.
  11. bluerover


    hi guys. i had my final interview last month on the 20th. i passed that and was invited to the fitness test on the 27th of july but had to change it due to work so have it on the 27th next month. however i have my medical beford that on the 20th. thought you were meant to have this after the fitness. anyway hope i do well in them both and hopefully it wont be too long to hear back about the vetting and background checks. peace N
  12. bluerover

    vetting- sickness

    hi all, ive today just received my vetting forms to fill out and just had a quick question i was hoping someone may be able to answer until i ring recruitment on monday. on the form it mentions abscence from previous employment. i as just wondering what the limtis were with regard to this. now in the last 18 months ive had 4 days off due to illness although 3 of this were with my previous employer who i had worked for, for 13 months the the other in my current role where ive been for 5 months. would the force see this as excessive. any help much appreciated
  13. on tuesday this week i had my final interview for lincs and passed it. and have my fitness next month. just out of curiousity how long di it take them to get back to you letting you know you medical and security checks were ok.. as much as i believe what your saying as well i really hope this meeting you mentioned isnt true as dont think i could bear to have to wait any longer.
  14. bluerover

    changing your mind

    cheers for the insight. i did mention this in my final interview so just going to give recruitemtn a ring to see what they can do.
  15. bluerover


    hi just a quick question, ive got to the security part of the application process and was just after further info with regard to what they look for at this stage. i know myself, my partner and parents all have no criminal records, however i have a half brother who my dad had when he was 18. i havent seen him for years and he lives in a totally different county. however im led to believe he has had trouble with the police in the past. im obviously goin to declare him but does anyone know whether it will result in me failing the vetting?? thanks all