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  1. Hi Anyone on September 8th A/C? DJ Eye of the Tiger!!
  2. djones0703

    September 2010 A/C Date

    oops! soz!
  3. djones0703

    September 2010 AC??

    Evening All Got my A/C September 8th. Anyone got the same date? DJ Eye of the Tiger!!
  4. Hi Everyone Anyone on the September 8th 2010 A/C? DJ Eye of the Tiger!!
  5. djones0703

    September 2010 AC??

  6. djones0703

    May 2010 Assessment Centre

    Hi Congrats on the A/C date. How did they tell you? email? post? Regards D
  7. djones0703

    Gwent Police chat thread

    Hi Everyone I will be on the September A/C also! Plenty of time to prepare! Good luck out there
  8. djones0703

    Gwent Police chat thread

    Evening All Anyone got on the May A/C? Unfortunately I didn't, but was told that I will be allocated a September A/C date. So not all bad. Good luck 2 all!
  9. djones0703

    Gwent Police chat thread

    Evening Chris Yeah, a tad confusing! Thats what it says in the letter received. Explained about the May assessment centre and the planned September A/C. I was just confused about whether I would actually get a spot on an A/C at all. Hopefully something positve will happen! Let me know how you get on. Stay Cool Dave
  10. djones0703

    Gwent Police chat thread

    Hey Donks37 It's a letter advising that there is an assessment centre. I take it that you have also received a letter. What did yours say? Good luck and all that jazz! D
  11. Hi All, Anyone else get a letter from Gwent Police recruitment informing of the next A/C date? Received the letter this morning. Applied in late 2009. Unfortunately didn't get the first A/C date, but have been asked about my interest in the next one. I emailed them back today, hopefully I can get on the next one! Regards Dave
  12. djones0703

    Gwent Police chat thread

    Afternoon Everyone! I applied at the end of last year, the same as some of you guys. I passed the papersift. Unfortunately didn't get on the 1st A/C. Received a letter today informing me of a 2nd A/C in May 2010. Anyone else get this letter in the post? Regards Dave