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  1. misc23

    Diploma before starting

    @ Saba sorry to hear you didn't get in, I thought it was very cheeky to send the email out just before the weekend but I suppose it means it gives people a chance to calm down and digest the information.........that and avoid some flack. @StuOzza congrats on getting on the course I haven't heard either way which is strange as I spoke to recruitment on Thursday and was told I would be contacted today! Oh well fingers crossed
  2. misc23

    Vetting - Witness Statement

    As with everything to do with police recruitment it pays to be honest and open. In this instance I would put it down, if your particularly worried contact your choosen force and explain the situation. As mentioned above it's best not to hide anything as they could question your integrity as to why you didn't include it and what else you may have forgotten to inform them of. Honestly though it doesn't sound like you have anything to worry about, good luck
  3. misc23

    Norfolk Recruitment

    Hi guys Ive just posted up about this in the Norfolk thread. With out sounding odd but im glad its not just me thats recieved this and Im not the only one who feels like If I dont do the course I wont get in. Has anyone asked questions - I contacted recruitment and was told to put it in writing. What makes it worse is I live the other side of London which means Im going to have to commute every week to Norwich so its not just £1200 for the course fee This cant be legal.......can it?
  4. I got recommended for service back in August and like most people was told that my start date would be feb then march then april and then the summer 2010. However I recieved an email last Thursday saying that they are now introducing a Diploma in Police and Public Safety and although I dont have to do it, If I dont then they cant give me a start date, plus I have to pay for the privelage doing the course!!!! Has anyone else recieved this letter and are you going to do it? Does anyone think this is a bit of a joke to retrospectively apply a new criteria for entry in order to obtain service within the force. Its made worse as I dont live within Norfolk so I reckon its gonna cost me in excess of £2500 just to do this course, all with no gaurantee Cheers