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  1. Huwbert

    August Intake

    I had my drugs test straight after my fitness test on the 16th July. I heard about my start date at the end of July about 12 working days after the drugs test. I had a uniform fitting on the 3rd August. Thankfully I only have to give a weeks notice as my current job is only fixed term. Hopefully those still waiting should find out pretty soon.
  2. Huwbert

    August Intake

    Hi. Just wondering if there is anyone else on here who has been allocated an August intake? Huw.
  3. Huwbert

    Gwent Second interview results

    With the grip test is it 40kg with 2 hands?
  4. Huwbert

    Gwent Second interview results

    Had mine this morning as well. No phone call so I assume that I havnt got through if you have already heard!
  5. Huwbert

    MAY 2010 Assesment

    To those that are through congrats. What are you doing to prepare for the presentation?
  6. Huwbert

    Gwent Second interview results

    Yeah it would look that way. What issues in particular have you been looking at as prep for the presentation?
  7. Huwbert

    Gwent Second interview results

    No I have to be there for 9:35. What mark did you get at the assessment centre?
  8. Huwbert

    Gwent Second interview results

    That is pretty much what I have been doing. Do you know how many people have got through to this stage?
  9. Huwbert

    Gwent Second interview results

    Hi, I have my second interview on Monday. Was wondering what you had to do your presentation on and also what is the best way to prepare for it? With the interview was it pretty much similar to the assessment centre one?