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  1. gerry

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Been trying to message you but it's saying you can't receive messages?
  2. gerry

    Fitness test Query

    Yeah says on website it's 15 metres
  3. gerry

    Fitness test Query

    If you fail the initial fitness test you need to reapply after 6 months. However the website does not state any limits to the amount of times you can apply. It is the standard entrance tests which is the number tests etc that you are limited to 3 attempts at. In regards to the bleep test 5.4 is not more than a jog at any time. You can get apps on your phone where you can do your own bleep test. Definitely worth doing and it will increase your confidence once you realise what you can actually do Good luck
  4. gerry

    Equality and Diversity Question....

    I second the above post. Worthwhile having a look at the competency descriptors and seeing if your answer covered the bullet points in there. I failed the first time after not really matching my answers to the competencies very well. The next time I spent as much time learning the competencies as I did preparing examples and it made so much difference.
  5. gerry

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Wow I've only been waiting a couple of months and it feels like forever. Credit to you guys for being so patient. Hopefully your time will come soon.
  6. gerry

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yes it was in the same format for me.
  7. gerry

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Good point. Better to put too much than not enough.
  8. gerry

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    It would just be your current employer then. On the reference sheet it says just to complete for all employers within the last 5 years. Good luck.
  9. gerry

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    It is unlikely you will get the same panel that done your first interview so yeah you could use the same examples as before. Good luck.
  10. gerry

    Probationer Timetable Help

    Ok thanks guys. Must just be a typo on the website.
  11. Hi, I was wondering if anyone be able to clarify whether the 'Post Initial' in week 12 of the probationer timetable is for two or three weeks? On the timetable on the Strathclyde Police website it says: Module 3 Weeks 12-13 Post Initial 3 weeks But if it was weeks 12-13 then I gather it would only last 2 weeks and not 3 as the website says. Unless it runs into a bit of week 14. Hope someone can help to clarify what it actually is meant to be.