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baby jack

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  1. baby jack

    Too Keen?

    Or it may be that some of your colleagues are concerned that management may ask,"If Luke is this proactive, why aren't you?" Good luck with your application.
  2. baby jack

    Application timescale

    In a previous post you mentioned an application to Avon and Somerset Police. You do realise that MDP is not like Home Office Policing, you will not be taking crime reports, making arrests etc. MDP work is armed security policing and the likelihood is your first station will see you spending most of your time on static guard duties. I don't wish to put you off but some new recruits don't always know what we do and are very disappointed when they finally get to station. Off the top of my head i'm not sure if we have many (if any) stations in the Avon and Somerset area, if you want to be doing 'police' work then you may be better off joining the Home Office and not Mod.
  3. baby jack

    Armed Infrastructure Police

    The two sites are funded until at least the end of the current FY.
  4. baby jack

    Armed Infrastructure Police

    Dead in the water again. No mention of infrastructure policing in the Queens speech so nothing will happen before 2020 at the earliest ?.If this merge is the PM's pet project i can see it all falling apart, i doubt Mrs May will still be in office by the end of the year let alone the end of the decade.
  5. baby jack

    Armed Infrastructure Police

    Tory party manifesto puts Infrastructure Police back on the table; MDP, CNC and BTP merger.
  6. baby jack

    Travel Reimbursement

    Check with the recruitment team for claims whilst in training as the rules changed a bit last year, as a guess i would say you can claim as HQ will not be your duty station. Once on station you will not be able to claim for returning home on rest days.
  7. baby jack

    Armed Infrastructure Police

    Take a look on the dpf website.
  8. baby jack

    Armed Infrastructure Police

    It's official, nothing happening. No legislative time to be given to this project, heads of government departments involved to seek ways of working closer together. Dead in the water i'd say, i wonder how much Brexit has impacted on this?
  9. baby jack

    AWE Aldermaston shift pattern

    12hr shifts, 2 earlies followed by 2 nights with an occasional 8hr thrown in to keep you within your hours. Sometimes you may do 4 earlies in a row. There is a consultation on changing shift patterns possibly to 6 on 4 off with a mix of hours. The results of the review will be announced in March, it may be that nothing changes so don't worry about it for now.
  10. baby jack

    Armed Infrastructure Police

    I fear you are about to be disappointed, we've had several briefings over the last few months and with each the inference is there won't be a 'big bang'. Highways and home office RPU's have been removed, BTP almost certainly won't be involved. That leaves a MDP/CNC merge or nothing. I think people are putting to much weight behind the fact that the PM was Home Sec when this was first announced. Remember this formed a very minor part of SDSR15, so small in fact that is was no more than a sentence or two buried near the end of the review. Other points to note are that there will not be any new government money for this adventure and that Brexit will take priority over any new legislation for the next couple of years. When this was first announced i was very optimistic that the future looked good for MDP officers after a merge, i'm now somewhat pessimistic as to the outcome.
  11. baby jack

    Proposed shift changes

    Nope, CCMDP has wanted 8hr shift pattern since he joined MDP in 2013. The infrastructure policing concept came about as a result of SDSR15. SPO's have a meeting at HQ next month concerning shift patterns.
  12. baby jack


    The increments are automatic, it is technically possible for you to be dismissed during your probation/at the end of your probation if you don't make the grade but in 14yr in the job i've not heard of this happening. The pay freeze is part of our new Tacos agreement and is for 2 years, it only affects those on pay points 5-6 or there abouts, anyhow by the time you get there the freeze will be over.
  13. baby jack

    Mod Police Tsg (tactical Support Group)

    Remember that the role of MDP is armed protective security. You will not be doing armed stops, armed arrests etc, as with the rest of MDP we are there 'just in case'. As for the training it is to the highest level that a Police Officer can go and as mentioned each course will have those who fail. If you want active armed poicing then join your local Home Office Police Force, but then you will have to complete your probation before even being allowed to apply for a firearms assessment.
  14. baby jack

    12th September Course

    Not at all, you used 'outsider', i think you have identified some of the issues we have quite accurately. As MDPREC said DCPOs are now few and far between, may be only a dozen or so left on the mainland. Another result of the short sighted financial cuts from a few years ago?
  15. baby jack

    12th September Course

    Sarcasm? I try to learn what I can, but only so much a wee outsider like myself can learn. I am confident that what I put is correct, or at least I hope! :)