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  1. Kyl83

    Gwent Police chat thread

    My drugs test was in July too so I was really hoping for the January intake. I've heard that although our assessment score usually only lasts a year, Gwent will hold it longer due to everything going on. Its not a guarantee though, probably worth calling recruitment to find out. Let hope we all hear something more positive soon
  2. Kyl83

    Gwent Police chat thread

    I'm in Cwmbran. Right in the middle of HQ and Vantage Point! I'm much the same, in a job I'm not enjoying but its stable so I'm staying put until I get confirmation. Its a killer at times though :)
  3. Kyl83

    Gwent Police chat thread

    Haha I wasn't aware of the 3rd world confetti demand! There is a business opportunity there somewhere :) Yeah hopefully we'll all find out soon. I imagine we should hear within a month or so whether its going ahead or not....
  4. Kyl83

    Gwent Police chat thread

    Yeah that was what I thought aswell so I'm trying to remain positive about it all. And it is very frustrating! :) Just hope the waiting pays off! Are you local to the force area?
  5. Kyl83

    Gwent Police chat thread

    I passed it all in July too, AC was is May. I'll copy and paste what they sent. Its not entirely pessimistic, I think most of us were probably expecting a few hitches. Thursday 21st October 2010 Dear Candidate Re: Police Officer Application I am currently writing to all applicants to give you an insight into where we are with your application, as I appreciate you will be concerned about your intended future as a Probationer Police Constable with Gwent Police. You will have heard via the media the position public sector organisations are facing with impending budget cuts. Although there is a great deal of speculation about the pending Comprehensive Spending Review no one knows as yet, precisely what all this means in respect of budget allocation for our organisation. Until we know what impact this will have on our establishment, we will not be in a position to confirm whether intended police probationer intakes will go ahead or not this year. I appreciate this does not allay your concerns, but once I am in a position to confirm either way, I will be contacting you again in the near future. Yours sincerely Suzanne Butcher MBA, Chartered MCIPD Resourcing Manager For and on behalf of the Chief Constable
  6. Kyl83

    Gwent Police chat thread

    Hi Everyone. Well I've had an email today from recruitment basically stating that at the moment they are unsure whether the January intake (which I'm hoping to be on) is going ahead due to the budget cuts etc........not great news. They said they'd let us know when they find out if it will or will not be happening. Fingers crossed all round! And congrats to everyone who passed the AC x
  7. Kyl83

    The Wait is Over!!

    Well I'll be training hard and keeping my fingers crossed! And thank you...lol :)
  8. Kyl83

    The Wait is Over!!

    Thank you :) Just hope they don't cancel the intake now! That'd be my luck at the moment :)
  9. Kyl83

    The Wait is Over!!

    Sadly you were right....I spoke to recruitment and my reference still hadn't been returned even though they had been chasing for over 2 weeks. I'm on January though so not the end of the world. Good luck to all of you starting this month!
  10. Kyl83

    The Wait is Over!!

    My reference requests have been sent out and I know there is a delay with one of them....hoping I'll get in on the 27th too! Congrats to the rest of you and hopefully see you there