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  1. Kraxein

    Our Sergeant's are the best!

    yeah ok, according to youtube, channel 4 blocks content in my country... SO LIVERPOOL HAS IT'S OWN FREAKIN COUNTRY NOW! lol, whatever next? thanks kenworthy, only just somehow spotted your link brilliant, absolutely brilliant, good way to raise awareness lol
  2. Kraxein

    BBC Test, The Great British class calculator

    Result: the class group you most closely match is: Emergent service workers This class group is financially insecure, scoring low for savings and house value, but high for social and cultural factors. According to the Great British Class Survey results, lots of people in this group: Are young Enjoy a cultured social life Rent their home - almost 90% true lol
  3. Kraxein

    Not the way to start the day?

    well played good sir. i have a similar one girl walks into a kitchen and it harrassed by a butterfly so she slapped it, killing it. her dad looked up from his newspaper and said: "you killed a butterfly, no butter for a week" he returned to his news paper, just as her mum walked and screamed: "cockroach" she stomped on the cockroach killing it, the girl looked at her dad and said, "should i tell her or should you?"
  4. Kraxein

    New police salaries

    maybe you should try getting into contact with the force you're applying for and asking mate, :)
  5. Kraxein

    NEWS:Insulting' words crime

    WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL!!! charged £150 for saying woof... i understand blatantly going up to an officer and saying your horse is gay can be offensive but how can you even attempt to fine someone for saying woof!
  6. Kraxein

    Merry Christmas

    better hope the PC brigade don't catch you saying merry christmas, lol, it might offend someone. merry christmas to everyone on UKPO :)
  7. Kraxein

    Tesco Supermarket.

    wait... you were banned... for making a wise crack joke... what the actual hell man, how!!! ah well, i hate the Tesco by ours, it's a rip off, although i got a good one in on the snotty general manager, i walked in once and asked her if she could help me find the ketchup because i couldn't see it, and she helped me find, while saying it's easy to find, then i ask her top help me find the sugar, and she said it was hard to miss and took me to the next aisle to show me, and when i found it she said, "i thought for a second you were from head department trying to see if i was doing my job right", laughing, and i looked at her and took my hooded jacket off to reveal a business suit and replied sternly "i am!" she just looked at me like "oh rubbish" until i started laughing =D
  8. 2k games, a subsidiary of Take two who publish and market a lot of games, i really suggest you take it up with admins and demand an answer, because they have to give you an answer, and you say they didn't give you a reason, but said you were comparing rival games, well they can't ban you for that, that's just sad. it reminds me of when microsoft banned me from xbox live for "no specified reason" i was hounding them for days as to why i've been banned, and they would ignore me, so i ended up threatening to trade my xbox in and get a ps3, lo and behold in minutes i had an apology and a reason lol in the end you can always make another account
  9. Kraxein

    US School Shooting

    unfortunately incidents like this happen a lot, so it probably will. what makes me sick was the age of his victims, it's disgusting, I'm not implying a high school would be a better target but this is the lowest school killing spree I've heard of. also, there were a number of staff who managed to rescue lots of students while trying to hide them from the gunner, congratulations to them. however, i read the government are trying to look for a way to increase gun control, so that it's a lot stricter now in america, although how they'll go about that is questionable, isn't one of their amendments the right to bear arms or something like that? however i agree with giving citizens the right to legally carry a firearm if a case such as that is possible. i don't mean to say give everyone free reign, but give a gun owner the right based on crime statistics and reason, for example, it would seem schools are a common target for violent gun nuts, so why not give the members of staff whop do won guns the right to carry them on public grounds, in case this incident repeats itself. just to clarify, if a gun owner lives in a peaceful neighborhood where there is virtually no crime, then they need no right to carry a firearm, but a place where an incident like this can happen, then there should be some sort of gun control set up to allow the staff to protect themselves.
  10. Kraxein

    One Word Association

  11. Kraxein

    NEWS:Dopey drug dealer:

    oh my god.... thanks, i cant breathe now... bloody hell, close enough, but that must have been hilarious at the time, just seeing him jump over the wall like... "yeah i'll leave it to the officers on the other side lol" and the guy who reported stolen drugs, heard one similar where cops got called to a burglary, and when they asked what was stolen, he said something like "mobile, laptop, watch, my bag of weed..." then realised what he said lol
  12. Kraxein

    Are you happy?

    due to the fact i cant find my national insurance number, i cant apply for the police yet, so i'm not too happy, also getting grief at sixth form, really wished i'd gone to college now :) can anyone believe you don't get a NI card now, just a slip of paper that can be misplaced because it's rarely needed by me :) any ideas how to go about retrieving it if i cant find it in the next 2 weeks :)
  13. Kraxein

    What do you read?

    a few months back i picked up a free magazine in my local library with book reviews in it, and my attention was caught by two books. the truth about celia frost and the language of flowers, both of which i bought and read with interest
  14. Kraxein

    Speed camera man!

    i think thats remi gallard, he likes to target police officers in france for pranks usually lol
  15. Kraxein

    Three Word Story

    and flew off