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Headset 57

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  1. Headset 57

    Expandable/Rigid Batons.

    Had 2 fighting on the ground and another 3 squaring up in a crowd of 11. Was on my own and put up a UA shout on the box! The 2 on the ground were on top of each other and a captor shot would have only got 1 of them if at all. As i went to draw my baton i got shoved out of the way by another guy who smacked someone in the face about 6 feet from me. I then went to my spray, which was on my side nearest to this guy and drew it with a short burst, as the guy turned round towards me with fists. He got a shot in the face and ran off, and got locked up down the road. The only time i hit someone with an asp was when they put a fellow SC in A&E for 2 weeks ( 2000 ), with 3 cracked ribs, and i broke the guys ankle, as he was on top of ny partner and i couldn't get a better strike in without hitting my partner. Both above are simplified versions of each event and 1 baton & 1 spray use in 16 years ain't bad....
  2. Headset 57

    BTP Recruiting PCs for 2013 intakes.

    There rules and t&c's!..... They did say when they've got their quota they'd close it....
  3. Headset 57

    BTP recruiting again

    Well, 1 out of 6 national police " forces"...
  4. Headset 57


    As above, what he said!......
  5. Headset 57

    Rail Pass - BTP PCSO

    The job wouldn't pursue it, and the tickets alleady been payed for.
  6. Headset 57

    Cyclists attack officers in London

    It was in if btp's underground puce medic rwspinse units who were passing and got involved in a ' traffic dispute' between car v cyclists when 1 guy ' nicked' the female officers hat and she got pushed over. Btp say 1 arrested for assault and somd other stuff. This was part of the monthly critical mass cycle rides (just google it ) that ends up on utube and wasn't part of the Stratford demo where 200+ got nicked!...
  7. Headset 57

    Who's off to the Olympics then......

    1 off in 7 this week and at Stratters for most if it on the rails, i have full en-suite but it's at home and i have to wash up! Was with some nice Lancs Pol up from Morecambe.
  8. Headset 57

    CNC locations

    Dungeness gets you 2k extra in allowances!.
  9. Headset 57

    CNC/MDP Merger

    BTP are not included, and I doubt that CNC / MDP will be either
  10. Headset 57

    London to Manchester using Met Free Travel

    70 miles is to MK only. All distances are calculated from Charing X regardless of route and TOC and a to/from Work only. TFL are free
  11. Headset 57

    British Transport Pcso have cuffs!!

    We ran waterloo stn with just 2 PCSO's on a Friday night and people do get cuffed by us
  12. Headset 57

    How do you stop metal theft?

    http://www.bbc.co.uk...mshire-14934275 Police have arrested a scrap metal dealer after a raid on a yard in Nottinghamshire. The raid was part of a "day of action" to tackle metal theft in the county, which has risen by 17% in the past three years. Theft in metal costs the country more than £1bn every year. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-15346864 Metal theft is causing thousands of delays on the rail network, and affecting phone lines across the county. And as the price for scrap metal goes up, so does the number of thefts. John Maguire has been to one scrap metal merchant in Hertfordshire, to see the steps they are taking to prevent people coming to them with stolen goods.
  13. Headset 57

    Ryanair - Now they are REALLY taking the P***

    their airline and they can do what they like - praps you'd like an outside loo!...
  14. Headset 57

    Dizaei gets his job back

    well i'd be the first to walk out of a R&D briefing of his, the man's a bloody liability, and not liked at all...