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  1. Has anyone seen it recently? It's embarassing! The "official" MDP replies to the queries posted by MOPs are poorly thought-out, poorly worded, and sometimes just plain wrong. It feels incredibly unprofessional, no wonder so many are questioning whether it's even a "real" page! Apparently, according to whoever is running that page, the MDP are not a "public facing" force?? -Tell that to the ASVs, Op. Servator Officers, Nuclear Convoys, Marine Unit to name but a few who would all argue otherwise!? The force would do well to spend some time and money on its Social Media presence if we are to appear a credible alternative to Home Office Forces or other Emergency Services for those seeking employment in this sector!
  2. My Skipper has already supplied one, they're now asking for a HR contact number/email, that's all. I'm not in work for a while now so wondered if anyone in here might have one to hand. Thanks for the reply @propidol :)
  3. Morning all I'm not in work this week so wondered if anyone can DM me on here the contact details for HR/DBS? As a new prospective employer would like an employer reference for me. Hope someone can help Many thanks J
  4. so I got my "safe and lawful" status nearly a year ago, and, like my colleagues, have been left to my own devices on shift for the last 12 months, and today out of the blue received an email saying all Student Officers/Probationers/whatever it is we're being called this week/ have been transferred to this new (pretty useless) Diploma in MOD Policing. What's the crack? Do we need to complete this in order to become "Substantive" in rank, despite not being part of my terms of employment? What about those officers already confirmed in rank who have yet to complete this diploma? Is this diploma optional? If it's mandatory, will all officers be expected to complete it? and if so within what timescale? sorry for all the questions, just hoping someone's actually clued up on all of this
  5. shibby_jay

    DV query.

    You'll still be employed, you'll just get stuck on a gate the whole time if you're not DV cleared
  6. shibby_jay

    South East Allowance query.

    reckon the SE allowance is well overdue an update, its been the same since at least 1994 apparently!
  7. shibby_jay

    Armed Infrastructure Police

    MDPREC the entire point of a forum is to discuss topics, provide opinion and counter opinion on subjects; you appear to have unilaterally assigned yourself the role of Moderator- telling contributors to this topic not to speculate and to "get off their soap box" kind of defeats the point of having a forum to talk about such topics??
  8. shibby_jay

    Positivity ?

    Enjoy the training, it's about as exciting as the job gets! That, and running the sweepstakes for how many of your class will be left after 12 months service? (Edit: seems a lot of the latest intake aren't going to AWE, so turnover rate might not be as high as my intake ?)
  9. shibby_jay

    Positivity ?

    Hi @Baskers, just wondering where you got that info from? Is it official? We've not heard anything along those lines down here at AWE (but that doesn't surprise me anymore ha!)
  10. shibby_jay

    Application timescale

    there's always space at AWE
  11. shibby_jay

    Proposed shift changes

    MDPREC- by "official channels", do you mean via Line Management?
  12. shibby_jay

    Proposed shift changes

    literally the same on my course. and it beggars belief that existing officers are still being denied transfers yet new recruits are getting offered the best stations. Offering these vacancies to EXISTING OFFICERS first would do SO MUCH good for morale, heck, it might even help REDUCE the huge turnover!?
  13. shibby_jay


    this speech was made by Keating literally only last week at the DPF Annual Conference. I think that for him to be making it a part of his keynote speech, suggests that the military option is very much "still on the table"
  14. shibby_jay

    Getting Out Of Awe?

    I'm already at AWE, and trust me I've since asked myself the same question about wasting my time here. Like many others I am thinking to the future and hoping for a move nearer to home as soon as the opportunity arises. what i was getting at is- once I'm out of tenure (in 2 more yrs time) will my station *still* be able to put the kybosh on any "lateral development opportunities" to a territorial station due to low staffing numbers here at AWE (as that is essentially what our tenure is about)? or will understaffing cease to be a valid reason to hold me there (as that's essentially an organisational issue at that point and not 'mine' as such) I hope this makes it a little more clear thanks
  15. shibby_jay

    Getting Out Of Awe?

    what's the likelihood of this happening once I'm out of tenure? (2yrs time) it seems all the decent vacancies seem to be going to new recruits at OCC :/ regards J