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  1. firepower

    Shooting ability.

    I used to shoot at Minsterley range and the standing joke was that the best day to shoot was after the police training day. Plenty of targets for free with no holes in them
  2. firepower

    What do you read?

    Cheers, I did not know that legend was a book, I presumed it was just a remake of Omega Man or The Last Man on Earth :smiley_vomit: :smiley_vomit: :smiley_vomit: :smiley_vomit: :smiley_vomit:
  3. firepower

    What do you read?

    If you really want to get away from reality for a while I would suggest Lanark by Alisdair Gray. Quite possibly the best book I have ever read.
  4. firepower

    What do you read?

    I am currently on a classics kick. On the bedside table is 1984 the parallels with modern society are shocking. Next on the list is To kill a mockingbird. I used to read relentlessly but fell out of the habit for a while. It is nice to have it back. ATB Mick ---Edit --- I absolutely hate electronic books. They have no soul. Many of our books have been purchased at second hand bookstores, ooooh that smell :)
  5. firepower

    Questionable Situation

    I meant the wrong place as in Bird was elsewhere carrying on his spree. No ones fault just one of those things. ATB Mick
  6. firepower

    Questionable Situation

    When Bird went postal they dispatched immediately but to the wrong place. They apparently passed him on the way because they were dispatched to where the shots had been fired. That put them at a tactical disadvantage as he was moving from place to place. Response time was irrelevant. ATB Mick
  7. firepower

    Questionable Situation

    Yes it is. ATB Mick
  8. firepower

    Firearms in police hands.

    Sorry if I wasn't clear enough. I shoot foxes with my .223 and .243 all of the time, they are both conditioned for fox. I also do a lot of deer stalking with the .243 and the .308, the latter is not conditioned for fox. You sound like you know what you are talking about so you will understand that while out stalking, when a fox presents itself and I have my .308, shooting it would be illegal. The condition on the rifle states deer. I do have issues with a rifle having conditions on it. Either a shot is safe or it is unsafe the calibre of the rifle is irrelevant. ATB Mick
  9. firepower

    Firearms in police hands.

    Very flawed argument, read the firearms act before commenting :wink: :biggrin: Actually I recant, can you have a word with my FEO and see they will let me have a variation for a 105 for fox, deer and insurgents :whistle2:
  10. Would you be able to point me in the direction of the court records for this please. We struggle endlessly against apathy from our local EHO's who pass the buck. We are all well aware of that but we never see prosecutions using that act Bruce.
  11. Just before the close of business today a police car pulled up on the bus stop at the front of my studio then reversed back onto the double yellow lines outside the pizza shop next door. Off for tea thought I. I was wrong and two officers came into the waiting room. After saying hello they said "it's all right you are not in trouble, we need some advice" I replied that you can get tickets for parking on double yellow lines. They laughed and I asked them how I could help. It transpires that a person tattooing from home, we call them scratchers by the way, had tattooed a thirteen year old girl some six months ago. The parents were blissfully unaware of this fact until the girl wore a low slung top due to the warm weather. I presume that the tattoo is on her breast. The Mother, as one of the officer put it, went into meltdown and after dragging her offspring to the hospital for blood tests reported this person to the police. Hence the visit to my studio. The officers wanted to know how a professional studio operates and what laws are applicable to tattooing minors. They stayed for ten minutes or so while I advised them. How often have you come across an irate parent after their pride and joy has been tattooed? What law, in your view is applicable with a view to prosecuting a person who has tattooed an under age girl on the breast? --- Edit --- Typo
  12. firepower

    Questionable Situation

    Good point.
  13. firepower

    Questionable Situation

    No, they will wait for the ARV to turn up and watch people die for as long as it takes it to get there.
  14. firepower

    G20 death Pc sent for trial at Old Bailey

    Too late, he has done his job and the clean record that has existed since 1986 continues.
  15. firepower

    Firearms in police hands.

    This may well be the case but if you know the law and they know you know the law then it is a cakewalk. Jobsworths are pretty easy to deal with as they all have senior officers above them, fortunately my FEO is a level headed one who understands the law.