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  1. Perksy1

    New Post

    Hi Jemz, Yes it is Jim hope you are well, how is the transfer process going? Jim
  2. Perksy1


    Hel.all, I currently have four years service as a PC with Dorset and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two months before finishing my probation.Now that i have got some time on the street i am looking to develop my career a bit further and was looking to apply for dog section. Unfortunately Dorset Police will not allow type 1 diabetics to drive police vehicles in response mode hence this will stop me for applying for dog section.They are looking at it?but seem to be dragging their feet over what they are going to do.I am a member of the police diabetic association who are also looking into the forces that adopt this policy.My question for anybody in my position are there any other forces that adopt the policy of stopping type 1 driving in response mode, or if there are any forces that allow type 1 to drive in response mode. Any feedback to this question gratefully received. Many Thanks Jim
  3. Perksy1

    One Word Association

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    Hi to all, I have recently found this website from looking it is similiar to one i went on prior to joining.I have been with Dorset as a PC now for four years and i am stationed in Christhcurch.From searching this site i see that Jemz is still a member and trying to transfer to Dorset well just thought i would say hello to Jemz and any other Dorset officers.