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  1. Echelon

    Warrant card when off duty

    By rights you are a Police Officer 24hrs a day 365 days a year on or off duty (In England and Wales of course). I have on occasion "had to intervene" when off duty and am thankful I always carry my warrant card with me . I was told this on joining and have always abided by this instruction. The only time I did not was when I visited Northern Ireland in 1987 and again that was an instruction given as one had to seek authorisation to travel to the province as troubles were high and the common sense advice was given.
  2. Echelon

    Officers Prosecuted For Death

    Surely the arguments and hair splitting are better left where they should be heard and in the Crown Court when all of the relevant facts will be heard and examined. It is in no ones interests to pontificate and make any sort of assertions or draw any conclusions on the limited facts disclosed to date. :wink:
  3. A dreadful truly awful event,words fail to describe how sad I am,sad for the 2 poor girls, sad for the whole police service and sad for society,God bless them and look after them .
  4. Echelon


    My advice is to study and become a lawyer. I wish I had done so, My A level grades were suitable for me to go to a decent university. However I was hell bent on joining the police and did so at 18 and a half yrs old. I have had some good times in the 27yrs that I have served and also a few very bad times and I like many others have endured some real crap . My other regret is not joining the rat race and trying to get myself promoted. All of my service has been operational,no cushy backroom jobs for me and I have enjoyed that aspect and will hopefully soon be able to say I did my full 30yrs as an active Officer locking the scumbags up Given my time over would I do the same again in a nutshell NO WAY
  5. Echelon

    Here's my predicament..

    Best off staying where you ae Victor95 as the police procativity and investigations into so deemed "victimless" crimes such as drugs is secondary by far to the crimes that the public see and report such as burglary and theft. Lets be right we only ever crime drug related offences when they are detected. A ot of the thinking now is what we dont see does not hurt and what we are not told or aware of cannot be acted on. In todays climate if you wish to wage war on the higher level of drug suppliers/impotrters you are better off staying put or appllying to SOCA as forces in general place drug crime fairly low down on the policing agenda. We have domsetic violence,burglary and anti social behaviour higher up the agenda at the moment and that I think will dictate where our limted resources are now aimed and directed.= and will be for some considerable time to come.
  6. Echelon

    Police Recruitment 2012

    Ridiculous idea to recruit internally only, thereby barring and discounting the vast majoity of applicants, a lot of whom would be a much better calibre of recruit than by simply recruiting internally. Probably a cheaper option in the long run and the saving of money will please those who hold the purse strings. It's akin to sticking ones head in the sand
  7. Echelon

    Here's my predicament..

    Hey Victor 95 it's the Police's loss not yours my friend and in years to come the Government will reap what they sow and end up with the police that they deserve ! We already have a lot of semi literate,fat lazy useless fools in the Police right now and the way this government is heading and the imminent and obvious hiving off of a lot of the polcing taks to the likes of G4S and other money making greedy private concerns where profit comes before people welll hell it;s going to get much much worse. I don't blame you for feeling angry and hacked off by it all and one day in the not too distant future some one with a modicom of common sense will suggest that we recruit the best and right people for the job, not simply those that the Police can afford to attract or those from minority backgrounds in order to fill quotas and hit political targets.Same goes for the mass influx of female officers to appease the lefties and politically correct gurus who harp on about equality and numbers and all the rest of it. In summary it really is pants mate and your probably better off out of it all until the clock ticks back the other way. I enjoyed your rant btw and you seem a passionate and sensible sort of person, probably too sensible for policing as it is now and where it is heading tomorrow. Tommy Winsor is going to kick us from pillar to post and we only have ourselves and our political ACPO masters to blame for the terrible state we have found ourselves in now ,as for too long we have been bowing down to political correctness and pressures regarding equalitydiversity and generally being namby pamby and being too tied up with our image than getting on and doing our job properly and efficently. Regards
  8. Echelon

    Riots :in their own words

    Yes "Sanctioned Detection" a tiny minority of offences do make this requirement and we all have our opinion as to the rights and wrongs regarding self incriminationa nd the likes , but that's the law as it currently stands.However as we all know in general and quite rightly so in my opinion a Constable can speak with any one they wish to, regarding making enquiries into an offence and as we all also know in general and in relation to the vast majority of offences that people are not compelled to answer any questions or assit the police investigation. It is a different thing altogether if they start lying, assiting offenders or doing or tending to do any act calulated or intended to pervert the course of justice. However in most general terms no one can be forced to be a witness or provide information or statments to the police. Remember even the accussed does not have to give an account or answer any questions if they do not wish to.Fair enough the caution contains a warning but just by refusing to answer questions or failing to give information (apart from in the circumstances you have correctly identified above) does not make someone guilty of an offence. To legislate otherwise would take us on the most slippery slope towards a police state ! errrrr No thank you
  9. Echelon

    Bullying in the Work Place

    Oh yeah let us not forget that the "police service" as what it is called now is a rather namby pamby affair with standards slipping and a lack of respect for supervisors and senior officers. Gone is the day when the newest proby was expected to make the tea, don't even go there as the newly recruited officers who most cannot compile a reasonable report or statement and some cannot run a 12 minute mile nerver mind a mile and a half in 12 minutes would cry bullying if anyone dared to delegate them such an awful task :tongue: Due to the slackening of standards and discipline we now find ourselves at the mercy of Winsor who has seen some of the pathetic excuses for Police Officers. No wonder he is advocating 3 A levels and a reasonable standard of fitness now. As for the rather wayward SGT you have referred to he had my support and applause regarding his high standards (so long as he himself could attain and demonstrate them) Then I read the punchline and him crying of sick and stressed by having to work for a living and do some unpleasant tasks and like most of you I though what a total **** the guy is !
  10. Echelon

    Riots :in their own words

    Following the line of logic from some posters on this topic it would appear that unless everyone grassed up anyone and everyone they knew who was responsible for an offence they themselves would be guilty of some offence!!! Laughable really and even though I am against such pathetic pieces of TV and sucm bag rioters I fail to see how anyone should ever be forced into providing information to the police unless they so wish. We police by consent so they say not by force or fear.
  11. Echelon

    Cyclists attack officers in London

    So many people who know ever so much more than the two officers who were caught up in and had to deal with that ugly incident. I wonder how many of those pontificating and passing negative comments have ever had to deal with something like that unfolding in front of them. When you have been there and done it then you can maybe wear the T shirt but until that time it's probably best to hold your tongue
  12. Needs a test case I suppose and no doubt there is some case law out there: My take is if a member of the public was having a camera pointed in their face and they objected to it and the cameraman continued filming despite the MOP objecting and the MOP was feeling alarmed,harrassed or threatened in any way an offence may be suspected of being committed . Likewise if a Police Officer was on the receiving end of it and felt alarmed harrassed or threatened there may be reasonable suspicion that the cameraman is committing and offence, it all of course depends on the circumstances and the reaction and engagaement between the cameraman and the person be it MOP or a Cop and how the two engage. Every scenario is different and there is no black and white just a lot of shades of grey, maybe even 50!! Section 5 breach of the peace common assault harassment act etc could all be considered depending on the circumstances.
  13. That explains a lot of things
  14. Echelon

    G20 death Pc sent for trial at Old Bailey

    Problem from the fallout of this is the huge huge public backlash whipped up by the media circus. Support from the public is at an all time low and with the Daily Mail and other rag tags papers firmly under the control of Captain Mannering (David Cameron) we will be kicked and ground down even further as the Government push through whatever they want and the public will simply love it if we kick and scream about it. This caper could not have come at a worse time really and either way the verdict was a catch 22 situation for the police. Already on other forums there is a backlash as to the verdict, calls of fix,whitewash, Fait accompli call it whatever you like. Bottom line is that 12 true men and women listened to all of the evidence (or apparent lack of it) and made their call. Lots of people find it hard to accept the verdict as it was not what they were hoping for. And now the Press circus whip up a frenzy amid calls of "evidence"being witheld and this that and the other. Anyway I personally think HARWOD will get the boot and on the face of it that has to be a good thing for everyone (probably even him)
  15. Echelon

    "morale at rock bottom" discuss

    Morale is rock bottom in my Force. Everywhere you go it's the same , people going through the motions and looking forward to leaving the circus that we now live in. For example today a SGT could not get one volunteer for overtime, taking a case to CPS direct in order to RIC a miscreant. Easy money really bt not one taker out of ten staff!! Tells a story really, goodwill has been overdone over the years and unless it suits me I would not wish to stay on past my finish time. Only a couple fo years back my hand would have been first up in the air to volunteer. Not now though, in 27 years I have never enjoyed my leave and rest days as much as I do now. The longer I am away form the mad house the better.........