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  1. Grillzy

    CNC Application

    Hay cabbage Im not sure how much I can say, as they really stressed what I can say and what I cannot so sorry for a vague answer. Developed vetting is the highest level of vetting you can go through, and need DV clearance to work for the CNC, they want to know everything about your life... And I mean everything, I just took the approach to tell them everything. Mine was with one lady, it lasted around 2hours, and was conducted at my place of work. They also interview your current bosses and references, face to face. She was lovely, I was at complete ease. But then again I have nothing to hide. Some Areas covered would be family life, partners, income, loans, debt, internet usage, networking sites, hobbies, travel, drugs... etc etc etc Hope this helps Adam
  2. Grillzy

    CNC Application

    Hay all... Just thought I would give my story so people may have an idea of time scales and order of the recruitment process, although after reading many of these forums, I consider myself to be very lucky to have had a relatively quick and painless process. I applied back in february, I heard I had passed the application form around 6weeks later around april time. I then had my assessment day end of may and received my results back two weeks after. I then had my fitness and firearms assessments on the same day in july. Again, I received my results back around two weeks later, although you can really tell you have passed on the day. I then received my conditional offer of employment in august and had my medical 11th october and received those results back 2 weeks later. I received my joining instructions end of october last week, and I have just had my developed vetting interview on monday 31st october. I’m all set to start training on the 14th november. Again, although I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones, I have put my heart and soul into every stage. I would also advise to constantly phone the recruitment team if you are waiting for news or results. Almost all my infomation or results were gained by me contacting them rather than them offering it to me. Im not sure if this helped my situation or not. Can I finally thank CNC Pete and Mdom for some amazing advice and info in to the CNC... Warts and all! Good luck everyone in the process, believe me, its all worth while when you get that email that starts... "Dear Recruit" Adam
  3. Grillzy

    November 14th 2011, Abingdon

    PM sent lee Adam Hay all, Im also due to start on the 14th November and will be travelling from the bolton area by car... Should be setting off around 12:00 ish from the bolton area on the 13th November. Let me know if anyone fancies a lift and helping out with petrol costs. Cheers all... Adam