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  1. timmy269

    application closing dates

    when did you do all the assesment centre stuff then?
  2. timmy269

    application closing dates

    yeah sorry CNC it all seems a bit weird to me, they have been extending the recruitment since january although my applications only been in for a few weeks
  3. When they push back the dates for the recruitment drive what is happening? are they not getting enough applicants (or enough suitable applicants). How does this affect the people who already have applications in for that post?
  4. timmy269

    assesment centre

    As the description says, what actually happens there? i know they do some role play things and that but i'm not to sure what the actually do.
  5. timmy269


    I think they do a drug test of some sort, it was in the stuff i read for police (strathclyde) it says they take a hair sample for drug misuse
  6. timmy269

    how strict are they on BMI

    Hopefully i'll be ok then, i'm carrying a little bit of flab but hopefully that'll shift, If i'm fit enough to do my job i'll be fit enough for the old bill. Just need to get them to see that.
  7. Hi, I understand most forces have a BMI check, i just wanted to know how tight they are on it. I'm a 29 year old forces lad looking to join the police. My BMI is a little high 33/34 and i've always been quite a big lad, I love my weight training and general gym stuff and i can get to about 8.5 on a 20M bleep test so i don't know how i'll fair on the 15M bleep test hopefully aroung the 9/10 mark.
  8. timmy269

    female parade shoes HELP

    If you are looking for cheap millitary shoes/boots try this website, www.the-outdoor.co.uk or www.britishmilitarysurplus.co.uk, These websites are linked as they are the governments clearance websites for military uniform and it is ubercheap, I don't work for these websites i am in the military. The first one is new stuff and the second one is grade 1 stuff
  9. timmy269

    CNC Medical

    i need to drop 15 kg to get down to 29 prob doable as im just starting the process, I got a large build and i'm still serving military at the moment. Don't know how my fitness test will fair up last bleep test i did i got 8.2 on a 20 m bleep test, which in my job its a fail but i'm coming back from a small injury but i've got the all clear from that now mdon, weapons wise i'm pretty good with and i'm used carrying/using them etc. I can get over 7.2 on the msft to so that shouldn't be a problem this is the only thing i'm worryed about
  10. timmy269

    CNC Medical

    Hi I've just applied for the CNC and i'm trying to pre-empt things. I just have a wee question about the medical. Do they check your BMI?? I'm 180cm tall and weigh 110 kgs, I am quite fit and push a lot of weights but i am way over the BMI for home office police. Does anyone that has been through the process had any problems with the medical?
  11. timmy269

    CNC Training

    So what do they do on a day to day basis then?