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Darren Pallatina

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  1. Sir's Ma'am's Ladies and Gents. my name is Darren Pallatina. im 27 years old, currently serving in the Army with the Royal Engineers. at this moment I am in afghanistan as part of the Counter Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) Taskforce. I have 4 months left of my tour. and am looking to join the police. I am based in cambridge with 39 engineer regiment. I origionally live in north wales. but am willing to re-locate for work if the position arises. Would anyone be able to give me some advice on joining? maybe the best police county to join, the best section to push for? I was hoping after a few years, about trying to go down either Armed response, Bomb Disposal or Dog handler. does anyone know what the capacity of these positions are and weather they are recruiting for these? any help would be greatly appreciated D. Pallatina