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  1. Cheers Mdon. Well, the site I really want is Hartlepool. However, I've got to consider the alternatives if there's nothing on the horizon for preference #1.
  2. Well, my preferences are, in order, Hartlepool, Torness, then in equal measure, Sellafield, Heysham, Hunterston, Capenhirst. Basically, Northern England / Southern Scotland. So I guess I'm pretty flexible, especially if there's no chance of getting Hartlepool (about 20 minutes commute) at this stage. How about you?
  3. Completed A/C back in April, had my fitness and firearms July, passed medical a couple of weeks ago. It's good to get that lot out the way! Hopefully not too long now.
  4. Just out of interest folks, how do you eventually get to find out about a prospective start date? Is it the usual e-mail, or a telephone call, or post. Interested to know. Congratulations to all with a start date by the way! :-)
  5. V88

    cnc pay drop?

    Don't forget the medical!
  6. V88

    CNC NPIA Assessment centre April!

    Driving down the night before. I've booked Home Farm B+B again, where I stayed before the A/C, lovely place and owners. 400 mile round trip for me!
  7. V88

    CNC NPIA Assessment centre April!

    After much deliberating, I've decided to cut short my holiday and attend the fitness and firearms on July 23rd. The week beginning Sept 23rd would have been impossible to attend due to work commitments. So July 23rd will be a busy day, assessments in the morning, then jump in the car and drive straight to Newcastle Airport to catch the 18:45 to Dalaman, Turkey! Bit of an adventure, but it'll be nice to have a week with the family.
  8. V88

    CNC NPIA Assessment centre April!

    Just received the email invite for fitness and firearms, week commencing July 22nd....... Which is slap bang in the middle of my family holiday!! Guess I'll have to do the September one instead. Oh well. Good luck to those on the July assessments.
  9. I stayed at Home Farm b+b which is just the other side of the perimeter fence! £52 per night including a very good breakfast, nice pint or two at the bar the night before too.
  10. Anywhere in Northern England or Southern Scotland really, top preference being Hartlepool as that's my local site, less than 25 miles away. I'm looking forward to the next stage now, bring it on! :)
  11. Cheers. We done the interview first and role play last! Must admit, I went away thinking I'd messed up, especially the maths and English, but there you go. Do you have a site preference?
  12. Well done Matt, I got an email last week saying I'd passed, and my feedback report will come through in a few weeks. You were there on the 26th (Friday)?
  13. V88

    Training - April 8th

    8 weekends out of 16! That's pretty generous. The Forces give you 4 per YEAR if you're lucky. :-) Good luck to all.
  14. V88

    CNC NPIA Assessment centre April!

    Well, eyetest done today, 6/6 unaided in both eyes (whatever that means) and 6/5 with my specs on. Looks like that's ok. Small but important first step. Just waiting for my GP to pull his finger out and check over my medical declaration so I can post all the paperwork back. Next step A/C! <gulp>