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Sectioned Detection

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  1. Isn’t that a good thing? The public sorting their own minor problems out rather than the knee jerk reaction of calling the police and demanding a response?
  2. Sectioned Detection

    Who would get the fine?

    Potentially both.
  3. It’s the same as any other summary offence.
  4. Yeah thank for that. 🛎 end!
  5. Boasting about the allegation you said nothing about boasting about it being malicious.
  6. It’s only your opinion that it’s malicious and it would need to be proved for it to be taken further. Otherwise EVERY time someone’s found not guilty the person making the complaint would get charged with wasting police time.
  7. Sectioned Detection

    UK's first 24-hour police drone unit has lift off

    Cops won’t pay you to do it when the fire service will do it for free.
  8. Sectioned Detection

    Boxed in parking

    Won’t do anything or can’t?
  9. 1) Suspect you have committed an offence. 2) There’s a necessity for your arrest under Code G of PACE.
  10. Seek professional legal advice
  11. Sectioned Detection

    Protection from Harassment

    That a shame but doesn’t mean the law can be changed to meet your needs.
  12. Sectioned Detection

    Protection from Harassment

    So which is it? Now learnt or over heard? Can’t be both.
  13. Sectioned Detection

    Protection from Harassment

    She cant control what her visitors do only ask and the PCSO or Police can’t change that.
  14. Sectioned Detection

    Protection from Harassment

    No I’m not, the ‘rumours’ are from a 3rd party who’s heard it from another person. It’s tenious at best and the OP looking for issues that are not there at worst. For me to submit a crime the points have to be met (not proved) regardless of what the victim ‘thinks’. The OP can only provide information to say their has been 1 lot of contact. I’d need to speak to the ‘friend first’ . would you take a theft report from someone who couldn’t be sure a care had been stolen but a mate of a mate had told him?