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Sectioned Detection

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  1. Sectioned Detection

    Protection from Harassment

    That a shame but doesn’t mean the law can be changed to meet your needs.
  2. Sectioned Detection

    Protection from Harassment

    So which is it? Now learnt or over heard? Can’t be both.
  3. Sectioned Detection

    Protection from Harassment

    She cant control what her visitors do only ask and the PCSO or Police can’t change that.
  4. Sectioned Detection

    Protection from Harassment

    No I’m not, the ‘rumours’ are from a 3rd party who’s heard it from another person. It’s tenious at best and the OP looking for issues that are not there at worst. For me to submit a crime the points have to be met (not proved) regardless of what the victim ‘thinks’. The OP can only provide information to say their has been 1 lot of contact. I’d need to speak to the ‘friend first’ . would you take a theft report from someone who couldn’t be sure a care had been stolen but a mate of a mate had told him?
  5. Sectioned Detection

    Protection from Harassment

    Not convinced they’ll get a crime submitted. There’s only evidence to suggest 1 incident not 2 or more. I certainly wouldn’t. Nothing to support the suggestion that the parking issue is being orchestrated by the neighbour. How can a neighbour ‘let’ another driver park their? It’s the drivers responsibility. I’d also want more than anecdotal evidence of the rumours via a friend of a friend.
  6. Sectioned Detection

    Protection from Harassment

    So...she’s asked you to decorate, other people are parking outside your garage and ‘rumors’ are she’s spreading ‘rumors’. If your not happy make a formal complaint.
  7. First of all, stop lying. If it was a one off you wouldn’t have rang the police. Is others rang it would’ve been more than just a push and people who do that WILL do it again. That said you’re an adult and can live with a violent person if you so wish. I doubt however many on here would help you help them. Good luck in getting the courage to leave.
  8. Sectioned Detection

    Police premises search procedure

    Depends on what you said. Possibly but how would the know the call came from you?
  9. Sectioned Detection

    Cream Canisters

  10. Sectioned Detection

    Harrasment case

    What advice to you actually want? You’re not being seen as an offender, if you see yourself as a victim contact your local police.
  11. Sectioned Detection

    Re-registering a bus D1

    D1 allows you to drive vehicles that are a maximum length of 8 metres. Double deckers are 9m+ so no you can’t.
  12. Sectioned Detection

    Driving on a private road.

    It’s just that you clearly said he doesn’t have provisional Licence. Anyway, as said previously, he probably is committing offences as are you if it’s your car.
  13. Sectioned Detection

    Suspect Interview?

    If it’s a no comment interview it’s good practice to read statements to offenders and then aske them if they want to make a comment. Also, if it’s a burglary you’ll have disclose personal info such as and address and victims name.
  14. Sectioned Detection

    Driving on a private road.

    Can I ask where in the world you are as I’ve never heard of a ‘learners permit’ in England and Wales.
  15. Sectioned Detection

    Driving on a private road.

    I’m inclined to say he’s commuting offences. Drive otherwise than in accordance with a licence and driving without insurance. You’re (possibly) committing the offence of letting him drive without a licence and insurance. Does he have a provisional licence? If not why not? Who’s in the car with him?