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Sectioned Detection

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  1. Sectioned Detection

    Keeping cool or warm

    The tops you’ll get will wick sweat...but that means you’ll stick pretty quickly. Your body armour keeps you warm. Yes it gets hot indoors but you get used to it.
  2. Not a police matter. Just ignore the ticket.
  3. Is there a point you’re making or a question you’re asking?
  4. Sectioned Detection

    Obstruct Police

    If your gonna read caselaw you need to read ALL of what the judge had to say in the case not just the highlights. BoP would’ve probably been a better route
  5. So this is 3rd hand info? Sounds like your ‘friend’ Needs to move.
  6. Sectioned Detection

    Women in the Police

    It’s unbalanced in my force but only by a small amount. Also, there are more female officers in office based roles than frontline so the answers to get will be skewed.
  7. If this person is so violent why/how do you have such long conversations with them? Also, you don’t get to choose which police arrest you.
  8. Sectioned Detection

    headlight cover question

    Would’ve thought so. Difference with pop up lights is you don’t have to pull over to remove them. So you hit a patch of fog on the M1 in the daytime it’ll be too dangerous.
  9. Sectioned Detection

    how to stop child abuse?

    Can I ask if your in England or Scotland. Because there is no 6 month limit is there are injuries as a result of an assault (unless of course the injuries were negligible). But to answer your question m, no you can’t force the police to reinvestigate a crime. However you could make a complaint to the IOPC. https://policeconduct.gov.uk/complaints-and-appeals/make-complaint
  10. Sectioned Detection

    how to stop child abuse?

    You can repeat the question but you’re missing huge parts out of the account which makes it impossible for people to give a reasoned answer. Your first post implies the police are not interested the next sugggests the matter has made it to court.
  11. Sectioned Detection

    how to stop child abuse?

    You’ve clearly never been on Mumsnet have you?!?
  12. Sectioned Detection

    School Forged Medical Consent Form

    Nothing to do with laziness RM but recourses. Last shift there were twice as many high risk incidents as there were officers. So a fraud that could be dealt with by a partner agency and where there was no Threat, Harm or Risk is just getting filed. That includes racist incidents (unknown offender) which 12 months ago would’ve beens overseen by a DS. There just aren’t enough cops out there to do otherwise. Oh, and the complaints do come in thick and fast but get filed just as quick if the only issue was a resourcing one. But perhaps your force is flush with cops.
  13. Sectioned Detection

    how to stop child abuse?

    So what reason has been given as to the lack of prosecution? As it’s easier to arrest and seek CPS advice than do nothing in DV incidents. So I’m struggling to believe your account.
  14. Sectioned Detection

    how to stop child abuse?

    Yet again vague allegations nothing more. Go to the IPCC or if your so sure you can prove it in court make a private prosecution.
  15. Sectioned Detection

    School Forged Medical Consent Form

    Never disputed it wasn’t a crime, just outlining the likelihood of an investigation.