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  1. mcghee76

    Tulliallan 12th November 2012

    Thanks for that. Will maybe try to put on a different voice as I think I sound awful whenever I hear my own voice
  2. mcghee76

    Tulliallan 12th November 2012

    Thanks Dizzy. Starting to panic about this and not there yet. Any tips on remembering them all?
  3. mcghee76

    Tulliallan 12th November 2012

    Hello Mike Nash. You said you have to learn 50 odd definitions. Is that word for word? I find it hard to do stuff like that. Any tips? Thanks
  4. mcghee76

    August 22nd Starters

    Hope everyone is not worried about getting my home town of Campbeltown. Haven't posted for a while as I have been on holiday and had plenty of jobs to get on with around the house. As I mentioned on previous pages on this thread don't worry about getting Campbeltown. You get to work out a a brand new station. The probationer who I speak to who started in January told me the variety he gets to be involved with is brillaint. He still speaks to ones he was on his coarse with and all they seem to deal with is assaults, shop lifting and preach of the peace. But moving here can be a challenge on top of starting a new job so if you do get here embrace it and think on it as a good platform to learn off of. As for myself on the recruitment path I am still waiting to hear from them about getting a SET date. Phoned them up and said my application went missing but then turned up so I have to wait until they can fit me in. Just wish it would hurry up.
  5. mcghee76

    Strathclyde Police chat thread

    I am from Campbeltown but would like a move to the city as my girlfriend works there. Anyway the main thing is to get in and be glad of that and hope to get placed where I we can be closer together. There are people at my local station I have talked to that have moved from the city to work here that at first hated the idea of living here but now they love the way of life and are settling down and although they miss their friends and family the Central Belt is only a few hours away. It's not the other side of the world.
  6. mcghee76

    Strathclyde Police chat thread

    Hello everyone. Long time viewer first time poster. Application is away so waiting for a date for the SETs and fitness tests. I am posting as I noticed my home town of Campbeltown was mentioned. and I may be correct in saying that Dizzydee started with a lad I know that requested and got Campbeltown as he was from there. Spoke to him yesterday and said that he is really enjoying working here and as experienced a wide variety of things that people in the city areas will not have. He said he is in contact with some of the the guys he went to college with and said they are surprised with some of the stuff he has got to do already. He said as they have limited numbers it is all hands on deck and is a great place to learn because there is more time to take stuff in. So if you are posted to a more rural location please don't think on it as an negative. He said some of the people he spoke to said it is a brilliant place to do your probation and a great place to live. Good luck to everyone in whatever stage of the process you are at and hope to see some of you soon..