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  1. JimmyBullard

    Is there any point of me applying?

    Also from what I've heard in the past they put anyone with declarations on their vetting from through vetting earlier in the process. So you can get an answer quicker.
  2. JimmyBullard

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Bit the bullet and applied again, just received confirmation of receipt. Though due to my current job, aiming for September at the earliest for intake. Though was advised that because I had gotten through to assessment centre last time that it would be fitness and then straight to assessment centre, if I can get my fitness done before March. Though with my job just now my availability is pretty scarce.
  3. JimmyBullard

    Police Scotland - Specific Recruitment Question

    I'm no expert by any means (applied 2 years ago and rejected and thinking of applying again), so don't take my advice as gospel. From my experience of recruitment they do not ask if you have ever tried any illegal substances and it is not on any of the forms. However towards the end of the process there would be a substance misuse test, which would be used to tell if you had taken anything illegal, how far back it tests for I wouldn't know but couldn't imagine it stretching years. If you haven't already then I would look at the vetting form you have to fill out on the Police Scotland website, if you do have close relations that are involved in crime or any negative interactions with the police then they do put you through vetting early in the process. But neither are bar to appointment or so we were told at recruitment events as they look at each individual on a case by case basis. What I would say and they make clear, is to declare everything on your vetting form because if you don't and they find something that's pretty much an automatic rejection. I'd also contact the recruitment team where you would be applying through as they would be able to give you better advice.
  4. JimmyBullard

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Does anyone know at which point references are contacted? Would like to know at what stage I should tell my current employer, but not inform the needlessly and then end up not actually getting into the police.
  5. JimmyBullard

    Hello! :D

    Teaching holidays genuinely aren't as good as you might think, maybe except for the summer holiday. I actually did the maths, overall over a year teachers work 195 days (inc. 5 in-service days) and using the Tayside (Police Scotland) shift pattern officers work 191 days a year. So it is much the same. However, as a teacher I'm forever taking work home to do in weekends, evenings and even during holidays! Don't take that to mean I think joining the Police is an easy option, I know there will be a huge strain on me. Probably in different ways than teaching does.
  6. JimmyBullard

    Tulliallan December 2016

    Good luck to all starting this month! :) (10)
  7. JimmyBullard

    Police movies

    Naked Gun movies (and Police Squad), Hilarious! The Heat, another comedy (Sandra Bullock and Melissa Mccarthy)
  8. JimmyBullard

    Police Scotland Medical Question.

    How strict is the BMI standard? Has anyone been close to not meeting the criteria? I imagine 30 is quite high, but being short worried I could be above that. (Being so muscly of course! )
  9. JimmyBullard

    Teacher to Police Officer

    That's a good idea s7eed, will think about that. Both are amazing jobs, and if there's opportunity to do both then that could be the ideal scenario. Although I'm convinced policing is a job I want to do. sadly both careers seem to have become more and more marginalised by bureaucracy (but that's a different story )
  10. JimmyBullard

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Wonder if anyone knows how flexible recruitment are with timings for each of the stages? I'm quite restricted as to when I'd be able to attend for interviews etc., due to my job in teaching. So it'll only be holidays I can manage. Is the recruitment team (North) able to offer weekend recruitment sessions?
  11. JimmyBullard

    Hello! :D

    Hi Everyone, Long time member, but not posted much. Always been interested in joining the police. Decided to give teaching a go, enjoy it a lot. But thinking it's time to put effort into joining Police Scotland, because don't think my appetite for becoming a police officer will go away until I actually do it! Great forum you've got here, lots of great support and info! :) JB
  12. JimmyBullard

    Teacher to Police Officer

    Wondering if anyone else has (or is thinking about) moving from a job in teaching to a job in policing. Why did you want to change? How have you found the change in jobs? Was it the 'right' decision? I'm currently a Primary teacher in Scotland, so would be looking to apply to Police Scotland. I did apply before and got to the assessment centre stage of the process but decided to forget about applying again and take up an offer of teacher training. I've not regretted it, teaching is a fantastic job. But have always wanted to be a police officer and don't think that will go away until I do it.
  13. JimmyBullard

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi June, Hope you get word soon of an intake, and aren't waiting too long. I'm currently considering applying again, I got to the Assessment Centre in March 2015. Did you go back into the process at the assessment centre stage? JB
  14. JimmyBullard

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Initial interview on Friday, excited but also nervous. But pleased the process is going so quickly. Did anyone speak to current probationers or officers to do some job insight?
  15. JimmyBullard

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Defo get it checked for grammar and spelling because you apparently lose points in the sift for that. It's always good to get a fresh pair of eyes looking at it to make sure it reads/scans well. After waiting 4 weeks, heard I have a SETs and fitness test in Aberdeen on 3rd March! Process has finally begun! :) Just need to pass them both now.