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  1. Grissom

    joining the MDP

    "The Ministry of Defence (MOD) is facing a significant financial challenge for the remainder of this financial year, to help address the shortfall in funding across the Department. This means that regrettably MOD Police is currently unable to accept any further applications at this stage. The Force will, however, be looking to recommence its recruitment campaign from April 16 onwards. Any applicants who are already in the system will be honoured and should expect to receive communication on the next steps for them in due course." The above is taken from the MDP recruitment Facebook page. A similar message also sits on their recruitment website.
  2. "MDP Fitness standards have been changed from 7.6 to 5.7 on the Multi Stage Fitness Test (Bleep) Click here to read the new fitness test guidance" as per http://mod.police.uk/faq.html
  3. Grissom

    MOD Police Recruitment

    Pay Point 0 = £18231 Pay Point 1 = £21110 Pay Point 2 = £22068 Pay Point 3 = £23028 Pay Point 4 = £23988 Pay Point 5 = £25907 Pay Point 6 = £29775 Pay Point 7 = £35041 Currently as an incentive, all new recruits start at pay point 1 irrespective of previous experience.
  4. Grissom

    CNC Application

    It's a bizarre affair from my observations as I have two friends who submitted their applications ON THE SAME DAY in January...one is now awaiting assessment centre...the other still hasn't heard if he's passed papersift :-S the mind boggles...
  5. Grissom

    CNC Application

    He says it's February and yes it's for Sellafield
  6. Grissom

    CNC Application

    I too have heard the same