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  1. ICOL

    12th September Course

    Baby Jack thank you for the information. It has certainly cleared up a few things. I’m glad to hear that you managed to get your station of choice in the end. I’ll have to do what you recommend. Although, I fear that it is too late for me. The current situation is just a vicious circle for my domestic circumstances. It has sent it on a downward spiral. We lose officers, which means that those that remain have to pick up the slack by doing extra shifts. This means that a time when I should be supporting my wife and family through this difficult period, I’m not. Instead I’m helping to prop up the MDP with the shortfalls in personnel (who won’t even recognise my family problems as a welfare issue!). At the end of the day the job doesn’t owe me anything, and I can only blame myself for being in this situation (well apart from being missold my shift pattern). Ultimately, you have to make your own luck. That is why many of us are looking to leave. Thankfully, I’ve already got an exit strategy and I very much doubt that I’ve be with the MDP for much longer. I honestly will be sad to leave, because the people are great and so is the job. I can’t emphasise that enough (probably only to those from the Home Office), but my time of putting the MDP before my family has come to an end. MDPREC. I apologise for misquoting you, but your user names are very similar. Thanks again for your input.
  2. ICOL

    12th September Course

    MDPREC Thank you for your input. FACT: Please confirm or deny that ALL vacancies are open to internal officers in the first instance. If they are not, then why not? From your own words ‘This is why we are encouraging local applications from the areas we have vacancies, as if you accepted every welfare request, stations would become over borne etc’ Surely, if existing officers have genuine welfare cases then they should be given first preference for any vacancies at these stations. Whilst we all accept that there is 3 year tenure, there are plenty of officers that are out of this who are being denied the opportunities to move. I’ve seen on this site that officers have been offered, Bacton, Porton Down, Easington, Hereford and Whitehall. I know several officers who are out of tenure that are all after these sites. To deny them the opportunity to move I’m afraid in my book that is just plain wrong. Like you’ve said in a post in another topic, the MDP is losing more officers than they are recruiting. I’m afraid that this is one of the biggest reasons!
  3. ICOL

    12th September Course

    Hi Folks, To answer Propidol’s question. Yes, mate I do work at AWE and to be honest I actually enjoy working there. Don’t get me wrong it certainly has its problems (don’t start me on training as I’ll be here all night), but there is loads of opportunities for staff. I don’t doubt that some of you might disagree, but trust me I worked from the two biggest Home Office forces for 14 years and this is the best/easiest job that I’ve ever had. However, I can totally understand why most young officers want to jump ship to the Home Office (as I was young myself once!). Unfortunately, I would have to think long and hard before I considered a return to conventional policing, even if it meant that I could return home. I’m sure Propidol that you’ll get into your force of choice. Whilst the money will be better, so will your quality of life. There is no way I could do what you and ‘thatguy’ do. I did it when I first joined the MET and it was crap! I had no money (as I was spending it all on fuel and no time off as I was constantly on the move). The sad reality is I wonder how many people would actually leave the MDP if they lived closer to home? As I said before, I appreciate that there are operational needs, but I think the organisation needs to reassess how it policies certain sites (AWE in particular) otherwise I think it may find itself in big trouble. Especially when we’re losing more officers than we are recruiting, and taking on additional sites too! How many officers would be more than happy to do a weeks detachement to AWE once a month (or every other month), whilst being based at their preferred station? Surely, it would be more cost effective to have a small compliment of officers that live locally to police areas that require a DV clearance (you know where I’m talking about) and have the rest made up of SC cleared officers on detached duties. If you consider the how much it costs for new officers to be trained, and the 30K for DV clearance, then surely this must cost more than detached duties (especially if they could get a local barracks to provide accommodation). I can’t touch on this anymore because this isn’t really the right place. Thatguy I totally agree with you about sending all new officers to AWE. I’ve oddly enough said exactly the same during conversations at work. Surely, that way everyone is on a level playing field. If we all felt that we were being treated equally then that is half the battle. Thatguy, what makes me laugh about the current application forms (I don’t know if they’ve always been this way), is the fact that there is absolutely no where on the form to write anything about your personal circumstances and your reasons for applying. From what the two of you have posted you both have legitimate welfare issues that should be considered when applying for a post. How many times have you seen someone apply for a post just to get out of AWE. You might live 10 miles from the station, have welfare issues as long as your arm, but someone else will get it because they’ve been able to better evidence one of the none-relevant ICF’s rather than actually wanting the post. ! I suppose it just another piece of evidence of MDP’s version ‘fairness’. Chin up boys at least we still have jobs!
  4. ICOL

    12th September Course

    I’m sorry for the following rant, but I think this needs to be said. Please note that this isn’t directed at any of you as ‘new/potential recruits’, but at the MDP. I think it is absolutely disgraceful the way the MDP treats its officers within the Nuclear Division. Most of us joined the MDP at a time when officers were required to work a ridiculous amount of overtime due to manpower shortages. Even now there are still occasions when I’m still working 84 hour weeks. One officer in particular almost had to a work 108 working week! Whilst these hours are long, most of us are happy to do it, because we want to give the MDP a good reputation, be professional and provide a good level of service. However, the attitude of the MDP is starting to leave a bitter taste in the mouths of many. A large proportion of officers come from outside Berkshire and all they want is the opportunity to join stations closer to their homes. There are established officers who have been waiting for some of these post for years. For example there are officers who desperately want, Porton Down, Bacton and Menwith Hill. I’ve seen on here that some newly appointed officers have been given these posts, despite the fact that at no stage have they been advertised internally. How unfair is that! The organisation is playing with the hopes and dreams of people, and that is wrong and immoral. We deserve to have the opportunity to return home to our families. It is a shame that the force doesn’t practice what it preaches. One element of the four corner stones of the MDP is fairness. Well, where is the fairness in the deployment of it established officers! I’m sorry but I find it totally unacceptable. Whilst I understand there is a cost implication in respect of security clearances and there is also organisational needs etc, but surely it costs the MDP more when they begin to lose hardworking and dedicated officers that have become disillusioned and fed up with not being treated fairly. The MDP is currently has a major retention issue, so much so that they commissioned senior officers to investigate the reasons why officers are leaving. Well, I can tell you one reason why, it because of the unfairness that is applied when advertising posts. I would like to state that generally the MDP is a good employer, and that I really enjoy the job. However, there are areas where they really need to improve. Fairness is definitely one of those areas. I’ve been looking at jobs outside of the Police, in particular the railway industry. They appear to have the correct attitude towards its workforce. They advertise all vacant posts (locations) internally first. The posts (locations) that aren’t filled internally are then advertised externally. This is exactly how the MDP should operate. I’m sorry if this offends some of you, but existing officers should be given first preference to any existing vacancy. I think what the job fails to realise is that some stations may not have a vacancy for 10+ years, because they are ‘dead man shoes’ stations. Everyone currently serving should have a shot at that vacancy when it arises as it may not come up again for a very long time. The method of allowing new recruits to go straight into these positions is just plain wrong. If for example an 18 year old brand new recruit joins a small, sought after station (for example a station that has only 10 officers), and that officer has no career aspirations, then that one post could technically be unavailable for 47 years! Is that really fair to the officers who have already worked hard for the MDP. In reality most of us know that we probably wouldn’t get the post. However, if we were all given an equal shot then everyone that I’ve spoken to would be happy. This is simply because the process would have been fair. Thankfully, I’m now in the process of getting out the job (which is a shame), but the MDP has left me no choice. Whilst I believe that the MDP will be shortly opening up a station in Derby, I’m afraid that I have no faith in the organisation to offer these vacancies fairly. Sadly, I don’t think that the MDP really cares either. For example, I have a wife and two young children. We have absolutely no family support because we are 130 miles away from our family. My wife has a highly paid professional job, but suffers from depression. Her work load and looking after the kids (thanks to my shift pattern) means that her depression has gotten worse. We often argue and this has almost led to my divorce on several occasions. This negative environment is obviously having an effect on the mental health of my children too. Does the MDP care? No, I’m afraid that they don’t! My personal circumstances would not even qualify me for a ‘welfare move’. We moved ‘down South’ and were fully committed to making a go at it (it cost me 2K to move, my wife had to give up her career in the NHS and our standard of living dropped whilst our costs rose). There was no way that I could have predicted the situation that we have found ourselves in, thanks in no part the long hours that I have to work because of the MDP’s inability to retain officers. What I find really hard to stomach is that my only way to resolve my ‘personal issues’ may never come about as my desired station may be filed with a new recruit without even being advertised. Sadly, my story is one of many. Whilst, I don’t regret joining the MDP (it is still a good force to work for and far better than the Home Office force I worked for), as you can all no doubt gather I have become rather resentful of the fact that new recruits are getting offered locations that serving officers have waited years for. Rant over.
  5. ICOL

    Armed Infrastructure Police

    Baby Jack, I don't think that the Home Office has agreed to the second of the two options. If you read the article from the Federation page it says that they have agreed to the two option recommendation. Both options are to be pursued equally with a view for a full business case being developed for each. Therefore, the option for a merger with BTP, highways and airports etc, still is a possibility. Personally, I would like to see this recommendation come to fruition. I believe that a National Infrastructure Policing model will elevate our standing in the policing community. At the moment I think that the Home Office forces view the MDP and the CNC with little regard. Furthermore, I believe that it'll certainly present more opportunities for officers. Especially for the likes of me trying to get home and away from AWE. I know that it's the only thing keeping me in the MDP at the moment. If the 'bigger' merger doesn't come about, then it is highly likely that I'll return back to the Home Office or transfer to BTP. The MDP isn't doing itself any favours at the moment by placing all new recruits into stations that officers at AWE sites have been waiting years for! It's unfair and just plain wrong. It makes me laugh when they wonder why they've got retention problems. I'm not too sure when the Government plan on getting these mergers done by, but if the merger with the CNC is anything to go by, then I feel like they'll rail road it through just in time for the next election. The government certainly has a bigger plan behind it all. Personally, I think that they will try and sell it to the public that they created 5000 armed police roles since they came into government (smoke and mirrors). Also with Theresa May trying to destroy the HO police conditions of service, she'll be able to utilize the fact that we (and the CNC) currently have to work until 3 years below national retirement age, are on contracts and can be made redundant, to impose the same conditions on the HO forces (Because I think we'll become another HO force or agency).
  6. Hi Mate, the child care vouchers are run through a company called Sodexo (I think that's out its spelt). You can sacrifice up to £243 of your wage at source. It's simple to set up.....a simple telephone call if I recall. The telephone number and process should be on the force intranet. I'm afraid the I can't answer the pay increment question. It's used to be based on time served. However, I believe that it is now also about you getting a satisfactory PDR (once you're confirmed in post). Ian
  7. ICOL

    Transferring to West Mercia

    Hi Sunissa, thanks for the reply. Sorry I wasn't after specific questions, rather the context they're given. I've transferred a couple of times in my career, but I've never had an interview where they ask you questions based on your knowledge or responses to a given scenario. Are you / your partner applying for the DC, PC response or Firearms officer role? It's the first time that I've looked to transfer as an AFO, so I'm guessing that the knowledge / scenario questions might be relevant to that position only due to it being a specialist role. Thanks anyway.
  8. ICOL

    Transferring to West Mercia

    Sunussa87, can I ask what questions the interview board asked your partner? I can guess what the competence questions might be like, but I've never had an interview where they test your knowledge of the law or give you scenario based questions! Thanks Ian
  9. ICOL

    Transferring to West Mercia

    I'm supposed to have an interview at the end of July for one of their AFO vacancies, but I'm seriously reconsidering. What role are you looking at transferring into?
  10. I wonder if anyone can help me? I've got an interview to transfer to West Mercia Police at the end of July as an AFO, and was wondering what positions they're likely to be recruiting for e.g ARV. I've tried to find information on the unit, but there is hardly anything on the internet that is useful. Does anyone know is they're a dedicated unit or do they also do additional roles like traffic? What weapon systems do they use? and what is the refresher training like? Cheers Ian
  11. Thanks 1078. I'm hoping that there still will be movement after the recruitment drive, especially considering that there are still a lot of officers due to retire within the next 5 years. I just hope I can stay sane that long. The wellbeing of my wife and family must come first, so I think that I'm still going to keep an eye out for employment opportunities outside the MDP, even if it means going back to the Home Office and leaving this great job. Hi Turnip, thanks for the reply. Can I ask whether you know if any of the students on your course are heading for Donnington, near Telford in Shropshire or Hereford? I'm surprised that you weren't allowed to apply for the SEG. On the next application form (I don't know how long this version has been out) it stipulates that you can register an interest in all the specialist posts. And considering they've just advertised for people to go on the SEG assessment (with very little interest) I thought they'd be encouraging people to apply (much like the TSG are). Do you know which station you are to be posted at AWE?
  12. Hi mate, thanks the reply. Apparently the SEG are now a separate entity to AWE and therefore not considered as an internal move like the TSG or Dogs. The problem with the advertised post is they're not being advertised. The vacancies at stations are being filled by new recruits or NEOF'S. IApparently it's to keep the costs down i.e no movers package (from a force perspective makes sense, but at a cost of making staff feel undervalued). Whilst I would say that I have a welfare case I doubt that I'd get help from the MDP (Having heard alot of welfare cases getting rejected lately) and in part the fact its self inflicted e.g we moved down South knowing the financial costs and the lack of family support. Unfortunately the reality has been far worse than we could have ever imagined. Whilst the financial issues are short term, our major problem is the lack of family support. I'm working sometimes 7 days on 3 days off (even with the non waver and not the 4 x 4 we were sold) and with the 12 hour shifts, I'm never at home to support my wife. This is taking a massive toll on her because, not only does she have to hold down a professional managerial job, she also has to take care of our two young boys whilst battling depression. This means at the moment she's getting absolutely no rest bite. Sadly only a move closer to home would resolve this and the prospect that a 'dead man shoes' station like Donnington or Hereford not coming up for many years to come isnt appealing (especially as we're looking at moving back to Staffs). Unfortunately at the moment there appears to be quite a few of us at AWE who are in the same boat. There are a lot of people who are rather bitter that they've served their time at AWE, and are now missing out on the opportunity to get stations closer to home due them being filled by New Starters. They're the guys I really feel sorry for.
  13. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows how many new recruits and NEOF'S are going to territorial stations (None AWE or Clyde)? I'm aware that there are at least going two Croughton and others going Alconbury. The reason I ask is because I feel like I've been massively done over by the MDP. I transferred into the force last year having served 13 years at West Midlands Police. I was on the second NEOF course and was shocked to find that I was the only one who had relocated down South to AWE (which has dramatically reduced our standard of living; financially and mentally). All the other officers had been given stations closer to their homes. This was apparently done on the basis that the MDP wanted to keep people near to their families (which I suppose in away is fair enough). I'm now subject to a 3 year tenure and concerned that the Station that I wanted from the start (Donnington) is likely to be filed with new recruits, and wont be available for years (if in my career) again. I know that there were vacancies at this station at the time of me transferring in because one of the MDP officers on my AFO course had been offered the station when his CID post went. It also annoys me that new recruits and NEOFS can now potentially go straight into CSG/OSU and SEG (as per the application form). I recently attempted to apply for the SEG (so I could have a better home life - my reason for joining the MDP!), only to be told that I couldn't because I'm under tenure! The whole process just seems very unfair. Especially when you also consider that there are officers who have served their tenure desperate to get to stations closer to home, and they are now being overlooked. The sad reality for me is that I really enjoy working for the MDP. The job is far superior to where I'd come from. I love it. I'd certainly recommend it anyone. However it looks like my time with the force will becoming to an end.
  14. ICOL

    MOD Police Recruitment

    Cheers Paul Blart, that's another worry off my mind. I just got the impression that DV clearance would be required for Aldermaston and since no other stations (in England) had been offered then you'd be screwed if you didn't get it. It's good to know that is not the case. I don't mind dogsbody work, it's what I'm used too! Thanks again mate.
  15. Yes mate. I was part of the first group of applicants. I was supposed to be on the May course, but due to personal circumstances I had to defer it until June. I'll be going to Aldermaston if I can pass the training course! If you need any info give us a PM. Ian