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  1. yachtgal

    Historic Fraud!

    Hi Fedster, Someone who has been using an untruthful sob story to gain pecuniary advantage from UK and USA Veterans over (this country alone) 14 years. Has now done a ‘flit’ whilst under the ‘watchful’ eyes of Social Services... Child abduction number 2 from the USA, and said person uses this. Second child to be her ‘face’ to the general public/Veterans to get even more money to fund her lifestyle. It’s so wrong. A dad is desperately trying to find his son and can prove the son should t be here, as well as give information regarding her inappropriate behaviour to get monies from Veterans over there and Charities too.
  2. yachtgal

    Historic Fraud!

    Historic Fraud in the UK and US, this country alone since 2004, plus high probability of second child abduction. Threats of harm to former USMC by serving member of UK Army and estranged spouse. Allegedly some for e dealing with this, Social Services involved yet moonlight flit has occurred due to flight risk warning.. Why is nothing recorded and who the heck is actually going to do something about this?
  3. Hi all. A friend of mine was sent an email many months back by a gentleman friend of hers who was looking to protect himself from quite shocking allegations made against him by his ex wife. The email that he forwarded was originally sent to his solicitor due to a very acrimonious divorce and his discover that his (now ex) wife was having an affair. The email contained an attachment which were reviews from a swingers website about his ex wife (and replies from her to others) as well as a couple of compromising photos of the ex wife, with another couple. The gentleman had asked my friend to forward them to whoever, but that didn't happen. My friend is actually a licenced private investigator and discussed the email and it's contents with six people, and the allegations made by the ex to the gentleman. These people were then sent the email as requested by them, nothing was further investigated and the subject was dropped. My friend was notified tonight that the ex wife had been made aware that she had forwarded these 'pictures' to several others, and had openly named my friend as doing so, on social media. She has made it known that she will be speaking to the police and pressing charges against her, also states that 'she wants to rip her face off' and alludes to property that my friend has in the family. The question she has asked me to put to you is, where does she stand? The pictures were included as attachments to this woman's ex husband's solicitor and were from a swingers website - therefore making them already 'out there' in the public domain. The ex wife has a constant habit of openly naming people she has a problem with, and making false allegations. Can anyone advise please, as obviously my friend is quite concerned as if there is a problem, it could affect her SIA licence? Thank you.
  4. Thank you, and please remove email address...hopefully I have reached ten now! Larkford, if you managed to get the email address, please message me with a contact number and I will gladly pass on relevant details!
  5. yachtgal


    Oh, and believe it or not, my hubby is a Royal Marine...but we have always brought the children up in the view that 'answering violence with violence is not the answer'...Hate should not breed hate, however this is slightly difficult when you are the victim of an attack!
  6. yachtgal


    Again people, thank you all for your input. James C, you are very correct, and yes it is a private/public school and not an unknown one in that the 'mothership' deals with alcoholics and drug addiction. However, this is a specialist school for children with a precise learning disability, and I feel that as a 'whole' the 'group' wouldn't be overly impressed with their expensive, but nonetheless 'dirty' laundry, being aired in public. I would have been more than happy if the police had been involved in the first instance, and the girl in question 'talked to'...However, being told that 'appropriate sanctions' have been put in place does not sit well with me. I have a duty of care to my son, and therefore must be proactive in my dealing with this matter. I feel that the school is attempting to 'downplay' this situation, as it is in her 'best interests'...No! She assaulted my son, and to all intents and purposes is merely getting a slight tap on the wrist, because we are all too warm and fuzzy when it comes to discipline. I m sure, that if my son had headbutted her, threatened her with a golf club, and incessantly verbally abused her, her would have been suspended pending exclusion. I am intent on taking this further, if purely to make the school aware that they cannot sweep things under the carpet! My lad is in serious discomfort due to the whiplash caused by the severity of the attack, and is also suffering with anxiety at having to be around this girl in all lessons. I surely, as a responsible parent, cannot allow this to be dealt with in the 'warm and fuzzy' way the school has dealt with this? Even if a Police Officer merely turns up and gives a talk about violence towards another person, would be a great start...Even talking with just her and her parents would be a result! Lesson learned perhaps?
  7. <p>Larkford...doing something unusual here, and don't know if this is acceptable (being a newbie and all), Email is *****Please note, posting email addresses isn't advisable as there's more than spam software out. There. If you go to the canteen there's a couple of word games there, your on 7 posts already so 3 more and you'll be able to PM.
  8. Thanks once again for all of your input...Larkford, having a blonde moment here! How do I PM you via this? Cannot see where I can do this! Thanks again
  9. yachtgal


    Thanks for your input people. I was thinking along the lines of perhaps an Officer going to the School to 'discuss' the consequences of committing a violent act on another person, whether in school or 'normal' life. The School my son attends is rather exclusive, and also extremely small in numbers. The School's attitude is that they feel they have dealt with this matter, despite the lack of 'punishment fitting the crime' so to speak. It would appear that money, or rather the loss of fees, has been a leading factor in their lack of diligence towards my son. She has threatened many of the children there, including the threat of getting them with a golf club (subsequently confiscated). She continues to threaten my son 'I will get you at some point', and is not just physically abusive, but also verbally abusive to all. The children do go off into the local town, and she has threatened some of the boys on the outing (son included). Therefore, I presume that should she attack anyone whilst out, being not on School premises means that the Police would deal with this? Do you think an Officer from the local Station would attend to talk with the students 'in general' about violence/actions and consequences thereof? Thanks again
  10. Thank you both for your input...I will keep reporting these people, and hopefully prevent them from killing someone, or someone's beloved pet. Spookily enough, I notice that the gentleman who commented last is from Devon. Guess where these drink drivers are? Yes, Devon! Thanks again
  11. yachtgal


    Seriously? I thought bullying and assault were deemed to be the 'in' subject to stop in it's tracks these days! Is this dependent on the local Police in that area, or across the board? Should I still consult a Solicitor then? I am at a loss as what to do! Mainly as being a responsible parent, I have to think of what is best for my Son, and also how to act in this matter. Thank you for replying!
  12. Hi all, and I need advice please! I have known this person for approximately 4 years now, and it wasn't until 3 years ago that I discovered they were a habitual drink driver - and I don't mean once a week, I mean EVERY day! Myself and another person reported this person as a drink driver, gave both vehicle details to the local constabulary, along with timings, locations, watering holes etc. However, this person is STILL drink driving! Only a matter of a couple of weeks ago, this person walked past me in the town centre, on the way back to their car...The fumes were unbelievable, and the products used to attempt to mask the aroma of alcohol were pretty awful too! Somehow, this person is still driving around drunk, and has not been stopped or arrested. This person drives approximately 5 miles from their house into the town centre on pretty much a daily basis...and then drives back home again. Here is their day in detail (I can tell you this as I have witnessed first hand a 'typical' day...It IS accurate):- Wake up between 6am and 8am dependent on how much alcohol was consumed evening before. 8am - Breakfast which consists of a bottle of wine, and this will continue until... 10-10.30am - Gin & Tonics 10.30 - 11.40 - more wine 12 Noon - 1.45 - Pub lunch along with 3-4 (usually 4) pints of bitter/real ale 2.15pm - return home from Pub lunch and continue to drink wine. If required, this person will get back in their car and drive to wherever they need to go... This is a GENUINE day in the life of this person, and is more or less what they do every day. The only difference being is the time possibly leaving the house in the morning, and the time arriving back to the house in the afternoon! The rest IS accurate.. I cannot understand how this person is still able to behave in this way. Surely the danger to other road users/people/animals is extremely high? Added to this, I also know another major drink driver who has absolutely the same lack of concern or respect for others, and this other person was also reported to the local Police, along with all details needed... What else can I do? I am trying to be a responsible member of the public, but feel as if this has not been taken seriously enough. Do both of these drink drivers need to kill someone/horse/dog/deer/other pet, before this is stopped? Help please! Thank you
  13. yachtgal


    Hi all I'm new too! In the same vein as vickib, my son was recently headbutted whilst at school. He has whiplash and has been suffering with headaches since the attack along with stress. His attacker believe it or not is female, and is of a similar age to my son. This attack was witnessed, and the school took statements and made reports. The school then gave sanctions to this girl based on 'her personal situation', which basically meant she was required to go to her room early for 3 nights, and HAD to go home the weekend after the attack (deemed as as sanction as she doesn't like to go home), however ALL students went home this weekend as it is an exeat weekend. She is also being 'shadowed' around the school. I do not feel that the sanctions given to her were of a stringent enough level, and in my eyes it sends a very clear message to the other students, that if you headbutt someone, you merely get a tap on the wrist! My son wishes me to take this further and report her, I presume it would fall under 'common assault', so that at the very least,, she has a visit from the Police, and has a 'short sharp shock'... The girl concerned has been a problem since she joined the school, and has repeatedly bullied my son, despite being so-called 'friends'. Should I report her, and should I take the steps of engaging a Solicitor? Advice gratefully received please! Thank you