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  1. Rudi

    Fend off

    The only times I've stopped in front is when people do an emergency stop from lane 3 to the hard shoulder in 100yards and out brake me. Quite often this is when they have something to hide and it gives them the opportunity to hide it or chuck it away.
  2. Rudi

    Decided I want to leave the Police

    Most people have bills to pay and family to support so just jacking in is not an option.
  3. Rudi

    Most sought after Job

    No offence taken. I have never forgotten what it's like working in response and will always help out if I can hear something going on nearby. I have been in the privileged position where was not a resource that control room could deploy and within reason we could go anywhere and target anyone we please and the shifts were very good for home life. I have changed roles now so the shifts are not as good (but still better than response) but I still don't carry a workload! Like I said some people winge and moan about this but the jobs were advertised for all to see but they chose not to apply!
  4. Rudi

    Most sought after Job

    I've been in ops for 8 of 14 years and I can assure you it's not quite as you say but I do agree its a lot easier than response. I can say that with confidence as I did 6 years on response in the busiest station in my force. I don't have any plans of going back but that's because I enjoy what I'm doing. It gets on my nerves when people moan they can't get into specialist posts but seem to be anti people who are. Then there are the people who moan because they can't get a job in X department but when you asked they never applied because they think they would ever get in. You've got to be in it to win it! I fancy doing surveillance at some point or maybe dog handler but I don't like the added control the job has over you when you become a dog handler.
  5. He anyone got details of the previous inquiry. Would be interesting to see what the difference is between this one and that one.
  6. I started off asking it he had a gun in his hand and was told it did not matter. It does because the police have shot him dead. The BBC report in the link says that the officer could not have seen if he was reaching for a gun from his position. If you could not see his hands or a gun then questions need to be asked. Live by the sword, shoot first ask questions later, play with fire long enough don't cry when you get burned all comments from this thread. Kind of implies that it does not matter how we treat criminals as they are only criminals. I'm not anti the police officer involved. He has my full support if he had an honest held belief that this bloke was about to shoot him or others. However as a result of this enquiry he will probably have to justify this to a court. I've been in very similar shoes and I know what it's like but I dared to question the legality of the shooting only to be turned on by the forum, many of whom have probably never been in those shoes. Take a step back and look at it from an independent pair of eyes. Like you supposed to do as a police officer. Don't take sides just look at the facts (at least the ones available). Simon T I came off firearms for many of the reasons you posted in your first comment in this thread and the fact I had no faith in the management at the time. Things have improved a lot since then thankfully.
  7. I've used per emptive punches, kicks, baton strikes and CS on quite a few occasions. I've been interviewed regarding this following complaints and had to defend my actions in court. I am very aware of use of force and any police officer who does not know it inside out is foolish. I'm also very aware that its the officer involved perception and if he had an honest held belief that the bloke was about to shoot him or others then it can be justified.
  8. I'm well aware of the rules regarding use of force and I hope the afo who shot a bloke who did not have a gun in his hands (or from when I've read was not threatening to shoot him) does as well. The last thing I want is a policeman going to prison for an on the job shooting but when you do the course it's made very clear that will happen if you get things wrong. The public enquiry believes he got it wrong. They know more about this than we do. I feel sorry for the copper who made a decision 8 years ago and who is still being haunted by it. Maybe he was let down by by his training, management or the planning of the operation but at the end of the day he pulled the trigger and is responsible.
  9. I'm not an AFO anymore but if I were in a position where I had someone in my sights and they were in a car reaching for a gun I would like to think I would wait until the very last point to pull the trigger. It would be me that would have to live with the consequences for the rest of my life. People react differently when guns are pointed at them. Some do exactly what they are told, some freeze, some shy away. I would want to be sure of the persons intentions and if that means waiting until I can see them grabbing a gun then so be it. I was never a plain clothed AFO and I've never been in the exact same situation as the guys in question. I do have sympathy for them but like he tv report says he was an unarmed man who was shot and the police need to answer to that.
  10. How much police firearms experience do you have then?
  11. Ok. I don't think he posed a threat that warranted shooting him if he had no gun in his hand. If he picked it up then that changes. In answer to your question I would not shoot someone reaching for a gun. If someone picked it up against instruction and I thought they were going to shoot me or someone else then I would shoot them if needed. That is a huge difference from pulling up next to a car for a hard stop, not being able to see the subjects hands or any weapons and shooting at someone 8 times.
  12. Did he have a gun, was he reaching for it and was he going to shoot the police with it? Was he challenged? Can't ask him can we. Maybe we should shoot everyone we hard stop because someone has decided that they are armed or otherwise so dangerous that armed officers must deal with them.
  13. Not joking and my world is not little. If he did not have a gun in his hand how can you justify shooting him in the head 4 times? I never said he posed no threat but I don't believe he needed shooting in the head if he had no gun in his hand. Not really.
  14. Yes it does. If he had no gun in his hand he posed no threat.