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  1. Kopite

    What happens after the current Pay Freeze?

    Just further evidence that we are treated like absolute mugs.
  2. Quick question..... Can you be lawfully ordered to summons a person for a matter (let's say RTA offences). ???
  3. Kopite

    NEWS:Work to rule?

    This is all bull crud..... The job works, because we make it work. It is based upon goodwill and going beyond..... IT SHOULDN'T BE!!!! People cut corners to get things done.....but just wait until something goes wrong. Try and find the support then..... Goodwill? Its all well and good.....but you dont get any better thought of.
  4. So..... The new Code G changes came in this month..... http://www.homeoffice.gov.uk/police/powers/pace-codes/ Is anyone noticing much of a difference? Ive changed roles in the last few months and, so locking up for crime matters has greatly reduced. However I had a POCD the other day and it had to be done by contemp and summons. Just wondering how you are all finding it? Theres certain offences Im wondering how we get them through the doors......Disq Drive being one.
  5. Kopite

    Thoughts on this.....

    I'd just be interested to hear others views on this incident.... 3/4 months ago a Man is arrested for a Breach of the Peace following calls from neighbours that a male was acting strangely in the street and being aggressive and abusive to anyone who tried to help. Police arrive to speak with male and try to calm him. He reacts angrily and starts lashing about. Physical contact with 2 officers during this and he is CS sprayed and force is used. There are no visible injuries to the Officers. It then becomes clear there are some severe mental health problems and the person is disassociated and dillusional and thinks he is in contact with the devil and can summon fire and water from the earth. In custody the male continues to display all these issues and a mental health assessment is completed and he is sectioned from custody. The evidence review Sergeant has reveiwed the matter and read the mental health assessment and deems that the matter has little or no chance of a successful prosecution due to his state of mind at the time of the incident and has recommended that the matter be NFA'd. However, other supervision are saying that the defendant needs to be interviewed prior to NFA even though they know the matter will be NFA'd. Stating that it covers any future civil lit as he is interviewed. I won't post my thoughts, or what Ive done. But what would you do, and what do you think should happen? Regards.
  6. Kopite

    Police Pension Destroyed

    Im sorry, but the truth of it is that this petition is little more than a joke. How long has it taken to get 100,000 people to sign it? It should have easily hit that, just by those of us in the job. Yet we've limped to the magic number. Hardly persuasive is it?
  7. tried to message you, but it appears your inbox is full.

  8. Kopite

    Hillsborough, Policing and the loss in trust

    So have you reported your findings?
  9. Kopite

    Hillsborough, Policing and the loss in trust

    Credit to this Officer for standing up http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/hillsborough-warning-of-coverup-was-ignored-by-judge-8142516.html And the relevant documents relating to what is mentioned are here: http://hillsborough.independent.gov.uk/repository/docs/CPS000003280001.pdf
  10. I don't post on here as much these days, but some of the older users will know me. For those who can't work out from the username, I am a Liverpool fan and season ticket holder. Hillsborough has obviously always been a very emotive matter and the truths that have become wider public knowledge in the last week have been common knowledge on Merseyside since the fateful events of April 15th in 1989. For the most part, the wider population haven't wanted to listen until recently and to a certain extent I can understand that [even if I don't agree] However, the true facts of that day are now in the public domain and the storm that is now surely going to follow is going to have remifications for years to come. Being a Scouser and a match going Liverpool fan, but also a proud Police Officer has made the last week a very difficult one. I knew the the truth for the last 23 years because I have lived it first hand. But I never knew that the fallout would be so huge and damning. Yes, there are more than just the Police at fault but I can only speak for myself. I feel embarrassed and shamed that my occupation has behaved the way it has. It has helped people to reaffirm and often incorrect assumption that "the Police always help their own" or that we are all "corrupt" and "liars". Ive defended my occupation to the hilt in the past and as Im sure most Officers on here have said many times "theres the odd bad apple that spoils it for us all" or "like every job - theres good and bad ones". But the recently unearthed facts make it very difficult to defend with those words. Admittedly, I don't work for South Yorkshire Police and I know that the chances of things like this happening in the modern age are ZERO but it doesn't stop me feeling sad, angry and guilty. Trying to persuade people that I and my colleagues are no representation of how Police have been painted in the recent independant review is very difficult. To compound matters, Norman Bettison felt the need to speak inappropriately last week following the panels findings. I was in disbelief as he said his piece - still trying to deflect criticism of himself and his colleagues on that day in 1989. I have always been proud to be a Police Officer and I know I try and do my best and that I can always go home with a clear conscience knowing that I have done things right and to the best of my ability - and comfortable that the people I work with have done likewise. I've no doubt that bad things happen, but fortunately I have never been put in a position where I have seen it and then had to deal with the consequences. Maybe thats a plus side of the modern age clarity within the Police.....I don't know. I have struggled in recent times with how the job is now run and the divide between frontline bobbies and senior and ACPO ranks. There seems to be an obvious difference in priorities with the lowly Bobbies, Sergeants and Inspectors trying against a lot of counter production to keep a lid on things and stop the bad people from ruining the lives of the good people as often as possible. Yet those above us put more and more pressure on an already "fit to burst" front line all to ensure portfolios look good and figures are shown to be down. Then today I read this..... http://goo.gl/qUQyT How can people continue to defend things that have now been proven and shown to be lies? Im in total dismay with the occupation I loved. My Federation subs were being considered for cancellation with the recent pension debacle. On the back of this defending of Middup they will be cancelled with gusto. If this feeling I describe of a divide between the top and the bottom of Policing was thought to be a modern thing......think again. I am absolutely disgusted by this link below and it feels horrible as I can now imagine how this would be done. http://goo.gl/0Y2yc In summary. What has been found and what has been said in the aftermath of the Hillsborough Independant Panels findings, coupled with how we have been treated as Officers by the government and our own senoir management in the recent past and the lack of trust, respect and appreciation of us from the public as a result of everything leads me to think..... Is this a job I wish to keep doing? The fact that I cannot give an answer to that makes me feel deeply sad.
  11. Serious look at opting out of the scheme and doing what I need to do rather than going the extra mile. Disgusted.
  12. Kopite


    The person overtaking has to be able to stop in the distance they can see to be clear on their own side of the road. For me, fault lies with the driver overtaking.
  13. Kopite

    Bupa / Simply Health

    I've got critical illness cover with them and it seems very similar to the Bupa policy. James, have you got a link to the cover you have with them? Its something Ive thought about but never really looked into and what you say sounds interesting.
  14. Kopite

    Nikon D5000 dslr Camera & Extras

    Bakes. I'm after a wide angle, Nikon fit lens if you hear of any. Been looking at a Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 EX DC HSM.