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  1. GeorgeH

    Blue Lights - What regulations apply?

    Emergency light and sound is an area of ongoing research. A siren can't be heard in many vehicles. LED lights don't generate a lot of reflected light. Flash rates impact reaction times. Office safety needs to come first. There is no easy answer.
  2. GeorgeH


    I live .8 of a mile from my office. A 10 minute walk.
  3. GeorgeH

    firearms cameras

    Sam Adams is a national brand out of Boston. Sierra Nevada is also a national brand. Tequila can be very expensive. I like Canadian whiskey and Vodka. There is a corn based vodka out of Texas called Tito's and it is based on six times distilled corn--which use to e called moonshine but now is "vodka." The US has tons of small breweries that kick out some great beer.
  4. GeorgeH

    firearms cameras

    In America police respond to incidents. Las Vegas is a gun friendly state. California is not. P.S. What kind of beer did you like?
  5. GeorgeH

    firearms cameras

    An armed society is a peaceful society.
  6. GeorgeH

    Fellow AFOs

    The elements of marksmanship are the same regardless as to caliber. If money is an issue you can also use 22 LR firearms to permit practice at a lower cost. You still need to shoot with duty ammo but practice is still practice. HK has a 22 version of the MP 5.
  7. GeorgeH

    Should officers be armed with Tasers?

    I agree.
  8. GeorgeH

    airsoft vs airguns vs replica weapons

    The airsoft trend started in Japan where firearm ownership is banned. The guns are virtual copies of the original. The high quality versions.
  9. He is not wanted on a US warrant. The Swedes want him on a sexual offense. He is fearful that the Swedes will send him to the US when their done.
  10. GeorgeH

    What guns are legal?

    Hi gipper: Handguns are cheaper to accumulate than rifles or shotguns. I do have a question: Are Olympic style air pistols legal? (In an Olympic style air pistol, the gun is powered by compressed air loaded from a scuba tank.)
  11. GeorgeH

    NEWS:Wanted: detectives

    Investigations require a different skill set. A different personality. It is less action oriented and more cerebral. The paperwork, well that is the key to getting a conviction. The better the case is documented the better it will do in court.
  12. GeorgeH

    What guns are legal?

    Heck, I own at least 30 handguns, but not one would be UK legal. A lot of my handguns are pocket pistols. I also have target pistols, plinkers, etc.
  13. GeorgeH

    Concealed carry and firearms in the UK

    I just saw this post. The US experience is that concealed carry creates an atmosphere of deterrence. The actual number of violent crimes goes down without the bad guys being shot at an increased rate.
  14. GeorgeH

    CO19 protocol when facing armed suspect

    You watch his hands.
  15. GeorgeH

    Crossbow Laws

    Archery is fun. A few years ago I bought several bows designed for use in schools. The beauty of the bows is that they were suitable for a 5 year old or a 50 year old. Crossbows can also be fun. Cocking a crossbow is not so much fun. So if you want practice, you need one with a lower pull weight. As to safety, the key is the backstop. You can buy a fabric backstop that stops the arrow or bolt by deceleration. With a crossbow, I would feel leery about a fabric backstop. What I use is a commercially manufactured target consisting of layers of compressed plastic sheets. It stops the arrow or bolt by sandwiching the arrow between layers. My backstop is a wooden fence. It works well with a regular bow but a crossbow can be significantly more powerful. If a bolt hits the seam between two boards the bolt can penetrate. As to regular arrows, the fence becomes a problem because the father away you are from the target the "higher" you aim. So the risk is not pass through; it is to shoot over the fence. Archery is more popular in the UK than the US. In the US most archery boards deal with hunting. If I were you, I would ask the same question on a UK archery message board. It is their sport and they know your laws like the back of their hand.