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  1. aero2

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Why did you put down L div if you can’t go there? Surely A div would have been better because you could have done Forres/Elgin etc.
  2. You say it’s out of character but I don’t agree, if a person does it once it’s likely they’re capable of doing it again and if it were me I’d be getting away from the relationship and moving on. Any man that hits a woman deserves everything they get for it.
  3. aero2

    Vetting concerns

    I'm not sure they're allowed to ask you about it during interview, it's the vetting team's decision so if they have any questions I'd imagine they'd ask you directly. Don't quote me on that though! I had a declaration when I originally submitted my application and it was never mentioned in the interview. I was never given a penalty or went to court for it though, it was just a complaint I had made against me when I was a Special.
  4. aero2

    Vetting concerns

    To be honest you’re not going to get the answer here, you’d be best speaking to recruitment. They aren’t the worst crimes so I’m not sure what they’d do.
  5. Well he’s definitely committing and offence and so is the owners the vehicle. He’s needs his provisional licence, insurance and a suitable person to supervise him.
  6. As long as you own the land and it’s not accessible by the general public.
  7. aero2

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    The Specials is a complete waste of time if you’re only doing it to become a PC. They don’t take it into consideration and don’t mention it. if you’re wanting in just keeping practicing your interview skills because that’s all they’re looking for they don’t need super hero stories.
  8. You were caught speeding, sorry but that’s just life. It doesn’t matter what your reason for it is you were caught full stop. You have the right to take it to court but when you’re given a fine and points you aren’t accepting guilt of the offence you’re accepting that it was likely to have happened. If you go to court and you’re found guilty it becomes a conviction and the JP/Sheriff could punish you more if they wanted too. You can of course make a complaint against the driver but it will make no difference to your licence.
  9. Not sure.... I may need to report you to the professional standards of the cycling proficiency badge organisation!
  10. aero2

    Shotgun query from a writer

    Yes you can, I know in airports for example they use a swab system that basically smells the swab material for explosive/firearm materials and will alarm if it gets a positive test.
  11. You’re not qualified to tell someone to ignore a ticket.
  12. Not sure what the joke is? What aspect of it is funny? Just comes across as bullying and breaching someone’s privacy.
  13. This is not the correct advice, to answer your question it’s not a Police matter and there is no legislation that allows them to do this. Parking tickets issued by these companies are civil disputes (basically you’ve broken a contract and the other party thinks they are due compensation) the only person that can advise on this are solicitors not Police officers.
  14. See rather than trying to get legal information from complete strangers on a website you need to speak to a proper qualified solicitor and get decent legal advice and it’s too important to get wrong. This isn’t a policing issue.
  15. aero2

    SET and Fitness Test

    They will do it again they just won’t look at the original issue/concern.
  16. aero2

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    They might challenge you on it and, for example they might ask people with racist/sexist etc. views isn’t that just freedom of speech?
  17. aero2

    SET and Fitness Test

    If your application was sent to vetting first and then you’ve been invited to the next stage of recruitment then you’re vetting has came back fine. It happened to me.
  18. aero2

    SETs Stage

    Top tip, these are awesome: http://www.policetrainingscotland.co.uk/police-practice-papers/
  19. aero2

    SET and Fitness Test

    Why are you not doing it via Edinburgh or Jackton? Bit of a trek for a test!
  20. It’s an offence to cause an obstruction on a public’s highway, call the police and they’ll sort it.
  21. First of all, this isn’t a Police matter as it’s a civil matter it’s not criminal. There is nothing in law that prevents someone from recording another person, the problem more comes from what you do with that recording for example if you share it with third parties without their permission they could take civil action against you. I would say that recording another tradesman (because they say it in public) is very risky and in my view is morally wrong. You’re using his opinion against someone else in his industry which could affect his business and his reputation and so you could end up with action against you. You’re also using a workman and not paying him which is just costing him money because you’re not willing to spend the money. A secret recording (even if it was illegal) can be admissible in court however this is at the discretion of the sheriff.
  22. aero2

    SET and Fitness Test

    Fairly quickly, you’ll do your SET and Fitness and then you’ll be given a date there and then which should be a few weeks after it I’d imagine.
  23. aero2

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    One of the questions I got was can you name a time when you never delivered to a project or commitment, I can’t remember the exact wording of the question though.
  24. aero2

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I was going through Jackton for Q and G.
  25. aero2

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    13 weeks for me.