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  1. policeonlineuk

    CNC locations

    why is Wylfa a decent location? I just submitted my top three and to be honest, all I did was look at rental sites to guage average rent prices, distances to family... I'm thinking maybe I should have looked into it a bit more. But them i'm single so...
  2. policeonlineuk

    CNC Medical

    I have read that it is a test of blood pressure, BMI and lung capacity, however not having undertaken it myself I cannot confirm 100%. I have just been informed that I have passed the AC - any ideas as to timescales for the medical/firearms tests after? Email says I will recieve feedback in around 4 weeks. I could do with shedding a few lbs prior to the tests, to be frank.
  3. policeonlineuk

    NPIA Assessment 14/06

    Was anyone else here today on the assessment centre?