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  1. LAPDDevildog

    Cyclists attack officers in London

    I never cared myself to work large events and know all you Officers having to work the Olympics are probably on a grueling shift of hours. I worked the DNC years ago in LA and admit it was a very tough week to get through, such long days. Be safe out there.
  2. LAPDDevildog

    Oh no, my car!

    A good website is: liveleak.com I lost count of how many videos originated in Russia involving trucks just driving down the road until some freak event of a lifetime comes spiraling towards them as if there it may actually be a common daily occurrence.
  3. LAPDDevildog

    Why were you born?

    What goes around comes around. If bad karma doesn't weed them out in life, then God will weed them in the end.
  4. LAPDDevildog

    Hello all from SoCal

  5. LAPDDevildog

    Hello all from SoCal

    -grabs some popcorn, enjoys the back and forth banter- -maybe even secretly wishes more brownie points toward TO on the merit of being a Royal Marine and all-
  6. LAPDDevildog

    Hello all from SoCal

    Hi George, your being a U.S. attorney is impressive yet intimidating Don't know if I can be as interesting or intertaining as some of the folks here which is why I'd be more apt to reading the posts than doing the posting. And after reading through several threads throughout the forum, I'd have to say Bart has his hands full with TO31...
  7. LAPDDevildog

    Police medical/injury pension

    Duffer, I'm sorry to hear of your injured status and what you're now having to ponder. I am 41 with 17 years on the job, all in patrol. After living with a back ruined by the belt for the past 4 years I am now one month past a 2 level fusion at L4-S1. I am still in pain but improving. As a result I have been also thinking what could happen should my department force a medical pension on me. Its scary but not the end of the world. On my department if I receive a medical pension, yes it would be only a fraction of my pay but be tax free which would greatly offset that pay descrepancy in my favor. My bottom line, probably similar to you, is I will do everything I can to work the next 9 years until I can secure a full pension. If I can't then I can't and will be grateful at least to be able to draw a medical pension. Let what you know your body can or can't do now and for the next few years be your guide. If it says you can't do it then listen to your body, don't think twice and accept what sounds like a decent medical pension offer on your end. Remember, it's only a job. Sent using Tapatalk.
  8. LAPDDevildog

    Hello all from SoCal

    Sounds great Bart, thanks. Sent using Tapatalk.
  9. LAPDDevildog

    Hello all from SoCal

    Lol. FTO Field Training Officer. And no, no Harleys. My 40 forty something year old body has a 21 year old mind still stuck on a CBR1000 unfortunately. Thanks for the welcome! Sent using Tapatalk.
  10. LAPDDevildog

    Hello all from SoCal

    A newbie here and veteran now of 17 years with LAPD. I'm an FTO working in the valley in Los Angeles. Prior to that I attended college and served 4 years in the Marine Corps. I flew in to London 4 years ago and spent 10 days traveling about and can't wait to visit the UK again. Always been fascinated with British culture and interested to see what is discussed there, which is why I'm here :) Sent using Tapatalk.