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  1. Devil

    Fend off

    I read your post wrong, traffic rats answer sounds more plausible
  2. Devil

    Fend off

    Could it be the rear reds are now led lights and a bit dazzling? Just a guess but they are off putting when driving towards them.
  3. Devil

    Financial Checks after Identity Theft

    Well done, good luck for the assessment. Make sure you prepare well, I did a course prior to doing mine but that company folded others might still do them if you look around. I kept all my answers to the STAR mnemonic. Situation Task Action Result So what's in front of you what you needed to achieve the action you took to fix that problem and the end result.
  4. Devil

    Collar numbers

    No definitely not national, my force has numbers from 0 to 9999 for various roles and they are re-issued when people retire, my previous force was just going consecutively and not issuing old numbers but I think that will change again in the future rather than issue 5 digit numbers.
  5. Thedoctor, I have to agree with the other members here this doesn't sound right, I would suggest these types of question are directed to your tutor as if you haven't been taught the most basic procedure at training school then something has gone wrong in your training. Can I suggest you verify yourself with the forum using your police email address it may make people less skeptical , it is kept private so other members wont see it. Here is the process: http://www.ukpoliceonline.co.uk/index.php?/topic/46569-get-un-restricted-access-to-police-areas/
  6. Devil

    Man denied drugs has epileptic

    Bit of a none story really, the loose tablets could have been anything so correct procedures were followed.
  7. Is there anything more to your story? If not no the police won't do anything about an email account being deleted.
  8. I have tidied this topic up as best I can, I have left the replies regarding the OP's question and the debate that followed. The deleted posts have been placed into the canteen as a new thread titled "How to deal with trolls", so if you wish to discuss those issues take it there please and leave this thread on topic.
  9. FORUM ETIQUETTE1. If a member raises a question feel free to answer, but please be honest and state the source of your knowledge or experience. 2. If you disagree with an answer given please explain why and give your opinion. 3. Don't make it personal and throw insults around as it makes the forum look poor. I have just had to delete a lot of off topic posts in this thread. If you wish to answer the OP's question then please do, if you don't have an answer or a good argument then feel free to view other topics.
  10. Devil


    What you need to do is speak to a solicitor and get some legal advice as you clearly need it.
  11. Devil


    I'm a transferee but no links to Notts. when I moved there was no info so I emailed recruitment and asked. I was told to learn about the force and its values and show what you can bring to the force your joining not what it can do for you. I would advise ringing and asking them what they expect. Someone failed for my force for turning up in a cowboy hat and boots, so check the dress code, not that I expect many people own cowboy boots nowadays.
  12. Devil

    NEWS:Policewoman Sues Man Who Called 999

    Her weight is irrelevant all the examples you raised I agree with as I hate the compensation culture. I just see no need to bring it up. It was the same when Chief Constable Sue Sim was dealing with Raoul Moat press conferences people didn't comment on how good a job she was doing but chose to be rude about her hairstyle and make up. I just find it wrong, judge the officer who made this claim based on the poor decision to claim not about personal appearance as its irrelevant. I've done it myself in the past but grew out of it.
  13. Devil

    NEWS:Policewoman Sues Man Who Called 999

    One point regarding this, people are very juvenile in the comments in the papers. What on earth does it matter if she is overweight or not, I don't agree with the decision to sue and she wouldn't be losing any wages as she was only off for 6 weeks. Anyway my point is she is wrong for suing in the first place but for people to be so childish and calling her because of her weight is just pathetic and they should take a look at themselves.
  14. Devil

    Young drivers!

    One and only warning, time to stop the sniping back and forth. If you have a valid contribution please take part and enjoy but the petty comments stop now. Thanks.
  15. helen66 what country are you in? If its not the UK like I suspect why are you interested in our laws?