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  1. AlphaOscarOne

    Stab vests

    It doesn't, I'm just curious.
  2. AlphaOscarOne

    Stab vests

    Thanks for your help, so I assume the utility belt would be worn with the black vest?
  3. AlphaOscarOne

    Stab vests

    I'm hoping to join West Midlands Police Specials next year, I am curious as to whether officers still get issued the black vests or are given the high vis utility vests to wear? I think the black vests look a whole lot smarter. Any information would be appreciated!
  4. AlphaOscarOne

    Firing MP5

    Thanks for you help!
  5. AlphaOscarOne

    Firing MP5

    Cheesedoff, thank you for your continued help. I was wondering if you had any tips for getting through the West Mids selection course, to get onto the Arv's? Cheers. Bart, i also am a fan of the HK 53, I believe that although the stopping power with a 9mm round is ample for a domestic setting. The 556 round is obviously superior! ?
  6. AlphaOscarOne

    Firing MP5

    Yes it will be West Mids Firearms unit, I will hopefully join eventually. I appreciate the information as I was worried that the Mp5 and such like can only be fired from the right shoulder.
  7. AlphaOscarOne

    Firing MP5

    Thank you very much!
  8. AlphaOscarOne

    Firing MP5

    Westmidscop, thanks for you your help. I understand that the West Mids Police also utilise the H&K G36 as a secondary weapon? Have you ever used this or what scenario is it to be used in? I am interested as I hope to specialise into firearms in the future. Many thanks.
  9. AlphaOscarOne

    Firing MP5

    Would the RHS ejection port still be an issue if the weapon is operating in semi automatic mode?
  10. AlphaOscarOne

    Should officers be armed with Tasers?

    Cheesedoff, are you a Firearms officer mate?
  11. AlphaOscarOne

    Firing MP5

    Thanks for the responses!
  12. AlphaOscarOne

    Firing MP5

    I am considering joining Firearms in the near future. However I am left handed and traditionally shoot shotguns from my left side, (when clay pigeon shooting). I am wondering whether its is possible too shoot the Mp5 from the left shoulder, (as this is what's feel most comfortable for me) or whether you have to fire it from your right side. Many thanks for your responses.
  13. AlphaOscarOne

    Expandable/Rigid Batons.

    A friend and i were leisurely discussing the use and deployment of batons within the line of duty :whistle2: . He believed that batons are rarely used by officers as C.S is more favourable in self defence than striking (he presumed ). However i believe strictly talking self defence, i.e restraining a person an officer wouldn't hesitate to draw his baton if he felt it was necessary. I would love it if you anyone would could settle this debate, by firstly giving there personal experiences of using a baton, strictly in terms of restraint and/or self defence. Then Secondly stating which item there more inclined to use say if both were required, basically which one would you choose? Many Thanks in anticipation! :biggrin:
  14. Everything and anything to do with West Midlands Police!
  15. AlphaOscarOne

    2011 Riots

    ^ you make a good point!