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  1. mozza28


    Best advice I can give mate is contact the force direct. Different forces will have different criteria, I failed vetting with one force but passed it with another so it's not a set in stone process.
  2. mozza28

    Few questions

    I am also currently at the end of the process and currently awaiting my 'final offer'. When I was told that all my pre-employment checks were complete I also wondered about vetting etc. I just emailed HR and asked. They confirmed that yes vetting, references etc. were all done and I just had my uniform fitting to attend (which I have now done). I also emailed and asked when I should expect to receive my final offer and was told it would potentially be end of Nov/start of Dec. This is working towards a potential 2nd of Jan intake, so based on that the final offer goes out a month before expected start date. My advice would be just reply to the e-mail you received and ask if vetting has been done. If it has reply again and ask about when you might receive your final offer.
  3. mozza28

    Qualifications Certificates

    I had to take my certificates to my final interview, where they took copies. I can't remember if they needed my GCSE certs but they definately wanted my A-LEVEL certs, to see proof I had level 3 qualifications.
  4. mozza28

    Police medical and one off case of anxiety

    Found out today that I passed my medical, so hopefully this thread can give reasssurance to others in a similar position. Just waiting on my vetting now......
  5. mozza28

    Police medical and one off case of anxiety

    Well it all seemed to go fine. Passed all the eyesight, hearing etc. When reading through the form the lady I saw said it should all be fine, as the anxiety was over 2 years ago, quite minor (no counselling, or long period of meds) and a reasonable reaction to the circumstances. I didn't see the force doctor which surprised me though, the occupational health lady said everything should be fine but if the force doctor has an issue he will get in contact with me. Basically if I don't hear from the force doctor everything is fine, if I do then it is not. Everything seemed really positive though so I'm not overly concerned.
  6. mozza28

    Police medical and one off case of anxiety

    Thanks for the reply Gabby, thats very reassuring. Saw my GP today to get the form checked and signed, he didn't even mention the anxiety (i have declared it on the form and provided an explanation) and signed to say everything looks good and he can't see an issue with anything. Got force medical on Monday so here's hoping all goes well.
  7. mozza28

    Advice needed

    Thanks for that.
  8. mozza28

    Advice needed

    Sorry to hijack the thread, but does your GP fill in the medical form or do I complete it and then they just check it and add anything i've missed?
  9. mozza28

    Police medical and one off case of anxiety

    Thanks for the advice, I think I will get an appointment booked and go see my GP to discuss the issue and hopefully he will be able to see it is no longer an issue and state as much on my record. It is quite frustrating as I had a medical with a different force back in 2012 and sailed through it, however that was before the anxiety was on my record. My application was then rejected for other reasons, which hopefully should no longer be an issue this time.
  10. Hello all, I am currently in the final stages of the recruitment process (Police Constable) and have my medical booked in October. I have a slight concern as back in April 2015 my doctor diagnosed me with Anxiety and prescribed some meds. Now the cause of all this was a new job i'd started that wasn't working out. Job was not what I expected, unrealistic targets, I received very little training and even got to the point where my manager would ask me to do things and then have a go at me for doing them and deny she'd asked me in the first place. Also employer kept dropping hints I wasn't going to pass my probation and I started to worry about supporting my family (just had my first child in the March). Instead of doing the clever thing and just leaving I kept trying to make it work and ended up going off ill and going to see my doctor, who said I had anxiety due to work related stress. That very same day I rang up my employer and resigned, which made me feel instantly better. I only took the meds for 2 days and then threw them in the bin, as I felt I didn't need them. I started a new job 2 months later and have been there ever since. This is an isolated incident and it never happened before, or since. I am used to handling confrontation as I worked at the Jobcentre for 5 years and my current job is working with disadvantaged teenagers, in a target driven environment. The route of the anxiety in this case was the worry of not being financially stable if I lost/left the job and the frustration of how I was being treated by the employer. I suppose what i'm after is reassurance from others, that have had minor bouts of anxiety/stress, and who have been successful at their medical. I will obviously be declaring it on my form and will just have to explain the above reasons to the medical examiner and hope he sees it as what it was. Anyone got any advice or reassurance for me :)?
  11. mozza28


    Has anyone else you transferred their application from another force heard anything yet? I have done the psychometric assessments and i have my interview on 08/05/13 :).
  12. mozza28


    Hi everyone congrats on those that have already heard and good luck to those still waiting, i got my letter inviting me to AC a couple of weeks ago but have since received a phone call telling me i don't have to go as i went last year, for another force, and got 67%, so i just need to wait now to see if my score is good enough to be invited to the in-force interview. Does anyone know what the Nottinghamshire inforce interview consists of? I had an in-force interview with Derbyshire last year and it was based around knowledge of the county and crime rates and factors etc. However the Notts one says it's competency based,so im wondering if it will similar to the A/C interview. I appreciate im getting a little ahead of myself here but i like to prepare.
  13. mozza28

    Derbyshire Info Sessions

    I would like to thank everyone on here for their support. HR were very nice to me but stated they couldn't help me. What is confusing me most of all is that my application was allowed to progress this far. I told them on my application form and at my in-force interview about my cautions, they could have rejected me then but they didn't, why not?
  14. mozza28

    Derbyshire Info Sessions

    The thing im having the most trouble to understand is that i declared everything on my application form, so why was my application allowed to progress past the initial stage? With regards to the comments regarding they don't know my personality and will only look at my past record etc. Surely that is what the inforce interview, and to a lesser extent, the assesment centre are used for. If i had been rejected at the application form stage it would have been a lot easier to take, the fact that i was about to receive my actual job offer after 6 months of stress, expense and time off work is what is really hard to take, i had passed everything and was basically in, but i guess your not in till yor in. I can't even apply for another force in the future as my spent cautions will always be there and i assume that the guidance for recruitment is the same for every force. I suppose i only have myself to blame, my partner was told yesterday by a serving police officer that someone he knows has been rejected because his brother wa locked up during the application process, now that would be really bad to be rejected because of something your brother or dad etc did.
  15. Im 28, ive got a family and a responsible job working for the Department for Work and Pensions (which i had to go thorugh vetting an security checks for) whe you are a child you mistakes you learn from these mistakes and you become a better person, i don't now what to do since my late teens all ive wanted to do is join the police, that was always where i wanted to end up. It's not like i can even apply again as my spent cautions will aways be there. I declared everything, the only thing i can think is i might have got the years wrong but i def only had 2 cautions and these were both declared. And this is what is confusing me, i declared everything from the get go so why was my application allowed to progress so far?