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  1. Mbrown

    Met July 2016 Intake

    I assume you mean 2017? rather than 2016? if 2017 - will also be starting this month (less than 2 weeks now!) References are usually requested 2 weeks before the start date they should have been sent out this week no idea about my current work as I am on annual leave but none of my other references have heard anything yet
  2. Exactly as it says on the tin, you get a few different types of calls and they assess how you respond to them and typing is how much info you can get when listening to a call (it has been 4yrs since I done this so it may have changed) if you go into google you can find some good typing exercises
  3. Mbrown

    Met Recruitment Process

    On day one - all you have is the role plays, verbal reasoning, maths test, and interview there was no writing statement part (although this may vary force to force Surrey had the statement part about 9 months ago) Not sure what you mean about stages 3-5 - there were no competency based questions on my application form although I may have applied as an internal applicant so no idea about external applicants I'm afraid..
  4. Don't know about the supv roles or training but most pass the operator exams.. training is just theory and practicing 999 calls
  5. FC Supervisor will manage the operators taking the calls and answer query's that they have if they are not sure..(if you get this role I highly recommend NOT hovering behind an operator if they are a few mins in after call or on a lengthy call it is about the only time they get to breathe throughout the shift and nothing worse than someone standing behind you when you are trying to work) Despatch Controller - manages the OI (outstanding incidents) liaises with the Skipper and the guvnor over incidents that require their attention they will on occasions despatch if the operators are busy dealing with other incidents some will make call backs and book appointments or try and glean further details about active incidents shift pattern is similar to the officers although does vary a-abit more - both FC and Desp work 0630-1430 or 0630-1830 1430-2230 1830-0630 and 2230-0630 (at the moment it is all over the place x2 E x4 nights and x4 e and x1 late but this is always changing.. and there is always chance for overtime..
  6. I actually work there currently and have been for the past 4 years, the job can be very stressful. especially when trying to explain to member of the public that you cant just transfer them to the station to talk to someone and those that misuse the emergency line.. Furthermore I would recommend going in as a comms officer not as a supervisor as you will be asked questions constantly and probably better starting in that role and working your way up (think the difference is about 50p in pay from memory). Also as a comms officer you get the opportunity to go down into despatch (the voice you hear on the radio's directing officers or providing cad numbers or just being a nuisance to them) the poster above is correct about screens displaying what calls are Q'ing (999 and 101) although whether that is genuine is another question Training is bit like learning basic legal knowledge (definitions of theft, assault and getting to know the system) on First contact you will primarily be using CHS (contact handling system) it is pretty simple to use Any other questions feel free to ask
  7. Mbrown

    Training start date 31st July

    Hi, Would appear we may be on the same training course (also not yet vetting cleared as far as I am aware).. regarding online CKP courses I would recommend Academy Recruit Training, most of their trainers / tutors are ex job and really helpful when asking for help...