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  1. Afternoon all, I start training for the CNC in April - exciting times! Just a quick few questions if anyone is able/allowed to help. Is there any reading that I can do prior to starting to give me an edge? What level of fitness is expected prior to commencing training? I have been working towards regular four mile jogs which i finish around 36 minutes - is this sufficient? I have, however, been neglecting somewhat upperbody (pressups) and situps - are we tested on this at all? And this maybe a *daft* question - is having your own transport a necessary during training? I can remember at the fitness tests reimbursement for trains and mileage was discussed at the fitness firearms test (MOT is up very shortly and current car is unlikely to pass and is likely to be cheaper to purchase a new car, however .... money). Thanks,
  2. crazylegs

    Fitness and Firearms - 22nd

    passed that, just waiting for medical now. Any input as to usual timescales post fitness test for medical > vetting > offer? or does it swing in roundabouts?
  3. crazylegs

    CNC Wylfa offer.

    Yorky - I questioned the vetting process vs. the need to request references from current employer. Just a heads up but HR said that it is not unknown for the vetting process to still be running whilst someone is actually in training - maybe worth enquiring into? Puts me in a sticky situation since I have changed role recently and am within my probation period still!!
  4. crazylegs

    Fitness and Firearms - 22nd

    @ Angrybeard Sounds like we are in a similar boat then! I passed my NPIA A/C in June, final run tonight then I will start carb loading for Thursday. More than confident that I will be able to get to level 9.4 eventually, time and training is all I need! Thanks for all the advice peoples :)
  5. crazylegs

    Fitness and Firearms - 22nd

    Thanks Yorky, Thats brilliant! With regards to the bleeps setting the pace... I've downloaded a bleep test for my mp3 player. There is a series of 3 bleeps as a countdown to the final bleep per shuttle to indicate time left per shuttle. Is it like that? And with regards to the warmup jog - how long if you had to place a distance/time on it?
  6. Hello everyone, I have my fitness and firearms assesment on the 22nd November and I am starting to get anxious. Just getting over a chest infection and have started running again and whilst I am achieving level 8 on the bleep test at home I was hoping that someone who has completed it previously could just confirm the format of the day so that I can recreate a kind of "test environment" at home prior to this to aleviate my apprehension. 1) Does the bleep test have a countdown in terms of prompts that you are coming the end of a shuttle time limit, a light that does the same or is there some form of pace keeper? 2) What does the warmup consist of and how long does it last for? 3) What does the firearms brief consist of? I thought that we maybe tested on weapons drills/handling/confidence etc however it appears that I may have been incorrect based on what I have read elsewhere? I appreciate I maybe over analysing this but I would help me alot! Much thanks!