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  1. MarkoPolo

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Ouch, going from Glasgow to V division is a fairly decent move!! Was it your first choice or did you just get unlucky?
  2. MarkoPolo

    Who has bought there own torch

    It's not rechargeable, and it's not LED but I bought the Mini Maglite and a wee holder for it from Patrolstore for a combined total of like £20. So much better than our force issued torch (which is meant to be a Klik Fast attachment but fell off if you so much as started a gentle jog). It's lasted me well over a year now and hasn't shown any sign of giving up even though it's only 2 x AAA batteries
  3. MarkoPolo

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    You don't tend to find out what division you're heading to until about a week before you start at the college. If you're really unlucky, it's when you unpack your kit and see the divisional identifier on your epaullettes!! In terms of your actual subdivision and station, that does vary by division. Some tell you your subdivision a short while in and then station towards the end, some tell you both right at the end. It's all just luck of the draw but do expect a wee drive at the end of it!