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  1. gaz_524

    Start date received

    Hi, Has anybody else received a June 18th start date!? Gareth
  2. gaz_524

    Do i need anything!?

    Hi all, I am due to start with Norfolk next month and was checking to see if i need to purchase anything before starting and any recommendations would be grateful! Gareth
  3. Hi, Just wondering if anybody else on here is starting on the 18th June with Norfolk constabulary? Gareth
  4. gaz_524

    Norfolk Recruitment

    Hi, I got the same information too. Definately not happy about it as its another four months to go for a start date and even then thats not definate. I think paying 1200 pounds for our own training as such is disgusting! The more i read the letter i feel we are being backed into a corner in regards to doing the course so i have put the expression of interest in and will see what happens i guess.
  5. gaz_524

    Waiting for Norfolk

    Hi all, I was wondering if anybody had any news about us guys and girls waiting to start!! The more i try and find out, the more i find myself confused and frustrated! I have heard rumours of potential june, july and even august starts. Have attempted to contact recruitment but always hit a blank i get the impression there as lost as we are!