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  1. hutclis

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    14:30 (never earlier! But occasionally later)
  2. hutclis

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    My notice period was 6 weeks . . . They knew that. But still didn’t give me my final offer until 4 weeks before start date. Some folk got there’s a week before . . . a warning for you all. Also I got my station changed this week. I’m 8 weeks into tully.
  3. hutclis

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    You would think . . . But you don’t find out your division until 2 weeks before your start date at tully. I had to hand in my notice without knowing where I was going. As did the other 220 odd folk on my course who started in June.
  4. hutclis

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    So I went for E and J division. I got my first choice. I did my initial interview and ac at Aberdeen, my medical through fettes and my ff through jackton. I was in Aberdeen at start of process and moved to Edinburgh during, but fettes closed so went through jackton for final stuff. Tulli is great. Yeh it’s hard work, yeh there’s lots to do, yeh your constantly shattered BUT it’s lots of fun and you meet great people and you’re all in it together! Good luck everyone! Any other questions just ask 🙂
  5. hutclis

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I’m at tulli at the moment. This is how my dates all worked: Applied May 2017 Provisional offer 09/11/2017 Medical 16/01/2018 FF and drugs test - emailed on 25/04/18 to go to test on 3/05/2018 Final offer 25/05/2018 (exactly 4 weeks to the day before I went to tulli on the 25/06/2018) Hope this helps anyone wondering about dates etc.
  6. hutclis

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    O that’s a shame! You must have just missed the cut off date for Glasgow etc. !! With the length of the process you never know - you might be able to change your divisions to something you want later on
  7. hutclis

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Someone's pulling your leg . . . Only two on mine too. I would agree - it's not easier, and actually when I left I felt I didn't do as well as my initial interview. Feedback from them after would attest to that (I screwed up the partnership question . . .) but it is a more relaxed day, you're a step further in the process and there is more interaction with people on the day so calms your nerves a little! Best of luck!!
  8. hutclis

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Anyone who has done/ or is doing their training at Tully . . . I don't have a car to get to and from the college (I can use public transport but it's not exactly ideal). There are rumours you can borrow a car from your local station and return it at the weekends - does anyone know if this is true? If so, how do you organise this? Any guidance is greatly appreciated 🙂
  9. hutclis

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I did my SAT's back in 2012 too and didn't have to resit them when I applied in June 2017.
  10. hutclis

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    If you wanna go quick and are flexible then go through North . . . they're churning folk out the fastest! Yeh I think the timescale might need a wee update hahahaha
  11. hutclis

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    West and East recruitment is now "one" and so I worry things are even slower . . . don't let this put you off though. Use the waiting to prep/ get fit etc. and trust me, from someone who is WELL aware of long wait times it actually flies by!! If you fail initial interview you have to sit the fitness again? Let us know once you've got a date in the diary for your next interview!
  12. hutclis

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    FF and SMT on Thursday? If this allows you to be on June intake then this is great news!! I feel so bad for you/ anyone that got this phonecall today though and the deadlines are too tight for them with notice periods/ time off.
  13. hutclis

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    emptied my inbox, PM me now 🙂
  14. hutclis

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I've just got my offer letter! There's a whatsapp group going for the June intake if anyone wants to join? PM me 🙂 Good to meet, even if virtually, before we start.
  15. hutclis

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Don't give up! Did they give you feedback? If so, use it. It's priceless information. If they didn't - get on the phone and get as much out of them as you can. 6 months is NOT long. Especially during this process. I applied back in June 2017 and still waiting for a place. Use it to get some experience and now you've been through one interview you'll know what to expect (they're the same format!).