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  1. hutclis

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Best of luck to you all today sitting your SETs! Let us know how you get on 🙂
  2. hutclis

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Give them a call for sure. They rang me as I was walking to my car! So you should defs have heard by now 🙂 GOOD LUCK!
  3. hutclis

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Good sign!! Fingers crossed for next week, be sure to let us all know how you get on 🙂
  4. hutclis

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yup through in Glasgow. It's fun! I didn't get a look of myself in the full gear as you put it all on in an open room with no mirrors. But guy I know went today and apparently just asked to go see what he looked like in mirror! I really really wish I'd done this - so make sure you do!
  5. hutclis

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Plenty of folk don't make it past this stage, then try again and get passed the second time! Don't give up! Did they give you feedback?
  6. hutclis

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    You off to your fitting? I had mine yesterday 🙂 good fun getting to try everything on! Makes it all feel very real!
  7. hutclis

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    You sound like you're MORE than prepared! Don't stress yourself. You passed the first interview - so you obviously know what you're doing. The second interview is much the same. I'd advise not to OVER prepare your answers as you'll likely need to be able to mold them to fit the question. Everyone works differently but I made up some answers on the spot as the questions were so out of the blue. And I passed! What date is your a/c?
  8. hutclis

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Let us all know how you get on today Tango Ice! Best of luck!
  9. hutclis

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    We were told at Jackton last week during out SMT etc. that we would find out in line with our notice periods and NO sooner. They were very clear on that. We were also told not to bother them before that and that no news is good news. They said they have a tried and tested system, they've got this, they know what they're doing, have faith. Also we were told - DO NOT HAND IN YOUR NOTICE UNTIL YOU GET A CONFIRMATION LETTER. I've become an excellent email refresher/ checker these last few months . . .
  10. hutclis

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Anyone who has had their uniform fitting in Glasgow. Roughly how long is the appointment? Do you know if they do weekend/ evening appointments? I am really going to struggle to get more time off from my current employer . . .
  11. How long have you been waiting I’ve had my provisional offer since 2nd June 2017

  12. hutclis

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Just of out FF and SMT. It's been an informative morning (you're there from about 9am until roughly 1.30pm - longer for some). Word "considered" very much still in play so back to the waiting game now . . . Best of luck to those of you next week who've been invited to FF and SMT! Excellent news for you all!
  13. hutclis

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    I hadn't seen such reports . . . so went on a hunt after your comment: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-43963228 Eek
  14. hutclis

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Phew! Good idea to reschedule - imagine you failed cause you're sick, that would be so infuriating! Fingers crossed for whenever you're rescheduled for. Get those vitamins down you!
  15. hutclis

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Did some people have a FF and SMT today? Hopefully everyone passed OK!