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  1. Unfortunately this is a trait of the Police Force across the board I'm afraid. Certain officers just cannot help themselves to belittle other fellow officers in order to try and make themselves look good in the eyes of other colleagues. The same thing happened to a very dear friend of mine who did exactly what you did despite me trying my best to persuade him to stay in the job. At the start of my career I too suffered particularly at the hands of a female sgt. I had 15 pages worth of evidence to support my complaint against her, I also had fed representative supporting me but in the end was 'persuaded' by professional standards dept to withdraw my complaint. As the sgt had been in post for 15 years and I was only 18 months in post it was suggested that I may not pass my probation....enough said I'm afraid. I was off sick for 3 months and too contemplated leaving but was persuaded to stay by the training dept and to transfer stations. This I did and never looked back. What it has taught me is to stay strong. There is no room in the police for sensitivity. If you have a problem with someone you need to address it publically and challenge things that are said. I know this is easier said than done, but bullies WILL get their cumuppence eventually. I had to wait 5 years for my sgt to get the sack for bringing the force into disrepute.....but soooooooo worth it I can tell you. I would certainly write to the chief constable in your force and outline the issues you suffered, they have an obligation to investigate every complaint thoroughly. You won't get your job back but you may stop it from happening to someone else. I have been in post now 8 years and thorougly love my job. What I dont like is the bullies that do still remain and I challenge what is said to others also. Good luck....there is life outside the police force mind. x
  2. Does anyone know how easy/difficult is is to transfer within the force area. I'm hoping to relocate. Thanks.
  3. Trish

    This job - Is it worth it

    I'm afraid I too have to agree with your comments. I have been in the job for 4 years. I was a late starter (40) when I joined. It was a job that I had wanted to do all my life. But I have to say in the last 18 months my attitude and that of my fellow colleagues is one of utter despair! No staff! No support! More officers on the sick than ever! Senior officers who don't give damn! What is the answer? I am determined to hang in there as I sacirficed alot to be where I am. But it is very hard.
  4. In my station most of the thoughts of officers are that there should be more PCs than PCSOs mainly because there certainly are not enough PCs to do regular policing role. I feel that if this is the hand we are dealt with by the government and I certainly can't see this changing for a long time, then we have to accept what we have and make the most of what they can do. Alot is based on ignorance and many PCs do not know the full extent of the work PCSOs do. I am changing jobs shortly from regular policing to neighbourhood policing so am eagre to work with the one PCSO I have been given and hopefully to re-educate my fellow PCs.