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  1. Cherry beret

    Cannabis factory

    I agree with your point but bad example. If you go into a house with ventilation holes in the walls, irrigation tubes all over the place, and other indicators of the house being used to grow canabis (bypassed meter, light install etc) then it's a bit different to 'empty house no signs of break in nothing taken'.
  2. Znra - reading back, you seem to have assumed that the OP is some bloke who doesn't like the way his neighbour looks at him. I read the OP (including the comments about the shower, the 'people would think I'm crazy' and the use of capitals) as being more female. The OP also has a female sounding username. Whilst sex of the complainant shouldn't necessarily factor, I think this sounds a little more like a seedy old bloke or spurned admirer - and worthy of a visit if I'm honest. I agree that there little cause for action but that doesn't mean that the OP shouldn't report it. To say 'The police are there for real crimes' is perhaps not in the spirit of neighbourhood policing.
  3. Cherry beret

    Registering your firearms on a firearms or shotgun certificate

    Cruel and mean as in they sodomise you before granting a variation to your FAC - or just because they won't entitle you to thousands of rounds just so you can take advantage of a bulk buy price break? What degree of cruelty or meanness are we talking about here?
  4. Cherry beret

    Shooting ability.

    My rifle club has a few AFO members. It has a riddiculous amount of off target damage - so far off that you wonder how the hell (other than NDs) it got there. That said, the bullet holes at my local force range aren't exactly confined to the expected cone of fire - although it's a lot better. I'm not surprised that MOPs are not permitted at Bisley - think about how much attention and scorn a police officer driving on the phone gets - imagine the tales which might circulate if a MOP was to (rightly or wrongly) believe that they'd seen something inappropriate from an AFO
  5. Cherry beret

    MOT Question

    I think we can take traffic rat at his word as ok whether the original MOT is invalidated - and in the absence of any paperwork to the driver explaining that the old MOT is cancelled (on a failure notice etc) I see no reason to believe otherwise. As for 'what about the database' then it appears that the database will be incorrect until such time as the vehicle passes another MOT test. So if the OP gets an FPN offered, they should refuse to accept it. When they go to court, waving their MOT certificate/receipt in the air, they will be found not guilty and no amount of 'computer says no MOT' will change that. I would say though that it would be in the OPs interest to get the new MOT sorted as soon as practicable just to save themselves the hassle
  6. Cherry beret

    MOT Question

    What about it?
  7. Cherry beret

    To wear or not to wear....?

    Not necessarily... ImageUploadedByTapatalk1435706673.098540.jpgBut then again. Needs more braiding
  8. Cherry beret

    G36 fails accuracy tests in higher temperatures

    I don't think they need to hunt behind the sofa for the receipt just yet. I've not looked in depth but understand that the tests showed inaccuracies after 2-4 magazines had been fired on auto...... I must say I took an instant shine to the g36.
  9. Cherry beret


    What is your length of service?
  10. Cherry beret

    no priority junction

    We have one if those shares space arrangements near me - a big free for all with no lanes or markings where cars, buses, pedestrians and cyclists can mingle as equals. To be fair it has eased congestion, mainly because most people avoid it as much as possible.........
  11. Cherry beret

    Would this be classed as using your phone and driving?

    This isn't an area I consider myself an expert in, but I don't think they can appeal - they have to ask for judicial review of the method of decision making rather than appealing whether a decision is right or wrong. In any case the decision sets no precedent if it was in magistrates court, so there's presumably no public interest in instigating an expensive judicial review just to give jimmy Carr a £60 fine.
  12. Cherry beret

    Let police take their children out of school

    Because it was a post made as a whole, rather than a series of individual points about unrelated matters. The opening paragraph sets out my position as someone unlikely to jump to the defence of the teachers - which gives emphasis to the next two paragraphs which are in support of the schools generally over this issue. I'd have thought that the above was obvious to be honest, but now I've provided a comprehensive explanation of my earlier post, perhaps your next one might be on topic?
  13. Cherry beret

    Let police take their children out of school

    The irony of your post is that I somewhat agree (and have stated on several occasions) that the salary and pension package is rather generous in the police force, and it tires me to hear people moan about it. But that's a separate thread - this one was about how police officers should or shouldn't be treated any differently to other parents when requesting a concession on the rules of school attendance
  14. Cherry beret

    New tax disc rules - new minefield

    You'd best let the Australian and Indonesian governments know. They're only little countries so they probably haven't thought of it. Seriously though I know some countries have a more regulated insurance scene when doing stuff like this. The government either administer it or set bands within which the insurers can charge. South Africa have a government scheme where minimum compulsory insurance is funded through added fuel duty (doubt that would work so well here with ease if travel to the continent and already high fuel prices - but proof that the government can administer insurance
  15. Cherry beret

    Let police take their children out of school

    I don't like teachers much. Too much holiday and not enough work - then have the cheek to moan about t. However in this case they have a point. Should there be a target? Maybe not but there should be an attempt to make it an exception not a rule. To make it a fairly rare event. Can you have that without quantifying a percentage as a 'target'? Probably no these days. You'll have some self interest group/idiot like this CC sticking their oar in stating why one group of people should be entitled to preferential treatment.