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  1. countybounty

    Baton Holder

    If you want a different baton holder go for the Peter Jones one (along with the cs holder ), plenty of met officers wear them, I don't know why people are getting so upset by a simple question. In my force plenty of officers don't wear the issued kit given to them many buy a better cuff and baton holder. Everyone knows the risk regarding insurance and gets on with it, the kit we are bought is not the best or the most durable, it is from the cheapest manufacture bought in bulk. I could go on and moan further about the problems this causes but ill save that for another day. That being said it is probably best to wait till you are out of Hendon before you put it on your kit belt, just to keep your trainers happy.
  2. countybounty

    non lethal options in riots

    If you are waiting to start the job non lethal riot tactics should be the least of your concerns, don't run before you can walk.
  3. countybounty

    Spitting what is the offence?

    Most may, however all those conditions have stages where loss capacity can happen, the OP has not stated what the person suffers from or how severely the person is affected by their condition.
  4. countybounty

    Spitting what is the offence?

    If they have MH issues are they aware of what they are doing ?
  5. countybounty

    Graduate Question (Concerning Role of Inspector)

    They are very different if you are on the accelerated grad scheme of the met then yes I can see how you will get much operational experience. On HPDS there is no way you will be an inspector in 3 years unlike the grad scheme and yes you do get a lot of operational experience on HPDS, with placements in firearms (command not duty operations), community policing, response and in house project building.
  6. countybounty

    Graduate Question (Concerning Role of Inspector)

    HPDS is run desperately from the normal sgts and inspector promotion boards, at least in my force anyway. With regards to these schemes being needed, the police do need some sort of fast track scheme. There has to be a way for those who show the right potential and aptitude to rise. Many forces around the world do and anarchy does not rain down and life as we know it ends. I have had the pleasure of talking with the two current officers on my forces HPDS program and they were just as well motivated and perfectly capable as any other inspectors. They were certainly not on any ego trip nor were they unsteady in their roles.
  7. countybounty

    Graduate Question (Concerning Role of Inspector)

    Im sure we could discuss this topic to death, I disagree with what you are saying but that's my opinion. I've said it before and ill say it again these schemes are needed and here to stay. I think you have the wrong idea about the people who are on them, im guessing there's no chaining your view on that though.
  8. countybounty

    Graduate Question (Concerning Role of Inspector)

    I can see the validity of your argument and too an extent I agree but with the prospects of promotion to SGT and INP non existent HPDS is very tempting.
  9. countybounty

    Graduate Question (Concerning Role of Inspector)

    Not possible on HPDS Morek more like 5-6, its only the met with the 3 year scheme.
  10. countybounty

    Graduate Question (Concerning Role of Inspector)

    In all fairness my experience of these schemes are that they are fairly well managed, well at least in my combined force area. I know exactly how you are feeling canuckrecruit, I recently had a meeting about submitting an app for HPDS, it really has to be something you want as you will be on a very different career path compared to your average bobbie. It is highly likely as a n inspector or chief inspector you will not be operational in the same was as a PC or SGT. I do believe that like HPDS you can drop out of the accelerated graduate scheme and go back to being a normal PC if it does not work out. If the opportunity is there and you like it take it, listen to the officers above and below you use their skills and experience to the best of your ability. You will get nowhere fast if you do not support and earn the respect of your colleagues around you.
  11. VDB87 I believe that it is declared, this information should be on your application form or in your application pack. I know its frustrating however as I have said vetting can be as strict as they like on the matter even if it was NFA.
  12. What was the result of the arrest? Scrap that just seen it was NFA. I would still say it could be the five year thing.
  13. In all honesty VDB97 it probably is your previous arrest the vetting teams have very strict standards, it is worth appealing if you can. Most forces do however ask that for minor offences you wait 5 years before applying since the date of the offence. It might be also worth noting that the vetting team is a separate entity to HR.
  14. countybounty

    Border Force adopting MET uniform

    No no if anything the ICE's need a much more clearer uniform than what they have had in the past. The fact that they have been using unmarked vans and have worn dark navy uniforms with little or no markings on them makes it hard for the public to identify who they are. Hence why I think these marked up vans are good idea. As I have said previously I have attended two calls where MOP's have called up reporting males acting suspiciously, which have turned out to be the UKBA officers enforcing immigration arrests. Purely because the MOP's could not identify who they where or what they were doing.
  15. countybounty

    Border Force adopting MET uniform

    No it does not I have attended two calls in the past where this has not been the case, if the vans are clearly marked like they are there would be no confusion caused. Regardless of whether the government is doing to make immigration enforcement more visible I believe there is a need for these vehicles t be marked.