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  1. davidthurman


    Hi I am also starting on the 10th of feb, have you all got a divisional posting yet?
  2. davidthurman


    Hi. What are the rooms like and can you stay there at weekends or can you go home. I only ask as when I was in the navy during my basic training you was not allowed out until the day you passed out, but as we will be treated like adults and not like children like in the navy I was just wondering if someone could shed some light on this for me please.
  3. davidthurman

    Police Scotland - Awaiting Medical

    Hi, this may be a silly question but does anyone know how long the wait is after your medical until you start or is it just one of them where you wait. I got my medical next month and was told January for a possible start at my final interview, hope I pass my medical as I am getting excited and cant wait to start fingers crossed.
  4. davidthurman

    One force?

    Hi all, I have my final interview this week and just finishing up my research I was wondering if anybody has had theirs in the last 2 weeks, if so I would like to know how much they asked on police scotland as I applied under Strathclyde police. I am not to sure and have been learning both and am happy with what I know but just want to cover every possiblitiy. I am also interested in how police scotland has affected other previous scottish forces other than strathclyde. Any help will be appreciated very much, Thank you.
  5. davidthurman

    strathclyde police

    Hi, My name is David and I have got my initial interview for strathclyde police in the next month and I would appreciate it if some one could point me in the right direction on where I can find information and what to expect, I would also really like to speak to some probationers who have recently gone through the process. Thank you.
  6. davidthurman

    strathclyde police

    hi kevclock, I had mine about a month ago now and am awiting the results of vetting how about yourself? I found the interview quite ok to be honest I didnt feel like it was as hard as I was made to believe but that only makes me wonder what the final interview will be like. How did you find your interview?
  7. davidthurman

    Initial Interview on Monday

    hi I have my initial interview in the next month and I am struggling to find what division is which in terms of D, division, A, division and so on as to what area they are. if that makes any sense could anyone help with this please.
  8. davidthurman

    strathclyde police

    ok thank you.