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  1. Rupert52

    Joining A Political Party

    Will joining the Conservative Party to elect the new leader and hence Prime Minister impact on your police application at all? Maybe a silly question.
  2. Rupert52

    Surrey - 2016 recruitment

    Hi all, I am just wondering if anyone has any experience/knowledge of transferring to Surrey Police when already in the recruitment process with a different force? Basically I have passed everything for West Mercia Police having originally applied in December 2014. However, the current waiting list is around 163 people with another 140 individuals applications still in progress. Recruitment dates planned up until January 2017 only provide spaces for approx 105 new joiners. Furthermore, it looks like WMP will invalidate everyone still in the recruitment pipeline if they haven't received a training date for the ones currently planned. All very frustrating! Given this I'm now investigating applying to Surrey Police. I know the area very well and all of my immediate family live in the area. I understand that Surrey requires a CPK, which WMP didn't, I have no problem doing that. In terms of what elements of my application could be transferred is this literally just my assessment score? With all other parts having to be redone? Thanks for any guidance you can give.
  3. Rupert52

    West Mercia Police Recruitment

    Oh dear! No sure what this means to be honest. It sounds like there isn't enough intakes for the number of people
  4. Rupert52

    West Mercia Police Recruitment

    I've read elsewhere that the waiting list is currently 400 people long and that intakes each month are normally around 15. Has anyone heard similar? Sounds a bit worrying as that could add another long period of waiting.
  5. I was just wondering if those applying to become a Student Officer with West Mercia Police have had any progression with their applications recently? HR have told me my file is in the process of being signed off so hopefully this will happen soon. Has anyone heard any rumors about new training dates?