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  1. Quick Query/Question that I think I know the answer to, just wanting to run it by people. S.23 is obviously the power to stop, detain and search persons you have reasonable cause to suspect may be in possession of a controlled drug. However, it does hold any power (as far as I'm aware) with regards to requiring personal details. If you find drugs on them however, different story, you have your powers under s.14 or the silent power of arrest (not providing or not satisfied with details) My question however, you detain someone for a s.23, you require them to give there details (Prior) to the search and they refuse. What are your powers to require there details? I mean, technically speaking I don't think you can use S.13, correct me if I'm wrong. Also the situation where you search someone prior to noting details, negative search, however then they refuse. What are your powers to require details (This person could essentially be on bail etc etc etc) I recently had a situation where details were provided, suspected to be false (Address given did not exist) and ended up detaining s.14 for attempting to pervert and the chap was wanted. Jim
  2. Xgriffin123

    'The Job'

    Just to confirm, you can see it?
  3. Xgriffin123

    'The Job'

    I can see see it when I view the post.. vimeo.com/89089809
  4. Xgriffin123

    'The Job'

    Hello everyone, Came across this video today, not sure how new/old it is, but it seems to be the first video I've seen that actually sort of captures the truth about how the job is these days; Thought it would be worth a share for those who have not seen it. Jim
  5. Xgriffin123

    Swimming whilst at Tulliallan

    Chances are on a big intake you won't do any PT in the pool, in you're own time, you can obviously wear what you want. I wore white board shorts when we did our PT in the pool (small intake) I would say don't worry too much.
  6. Xgriffin123

    Tulliallan - Marching Out Parade

    Now has been word. We all got letters through the post mid December, confirmation exam at the 2 year point! Happy days!
  7. Xgriffin123


    I am right handed and left eye dominant. I also have trouble closing that left eye independently as I said. It can be done but with partial loss to the image on the right eye, due to the right eye squinting slightly. Any tips? Both eyes open? Learn to shoot left handed or what? Just re-read your post, interesting to read about the both eyes open dependant on situation, I think in the meantime I will just keep practicing closing one eye and whenever I pick a weapon up I will try holding it left handed and see how it feels.
  8. Xgriffin123


    Just a quick question about firearms training.. I have an issue closing my right eye independently I can do it, but the other eye squints alot and my vision blurs slightly? Do you guys get taught to shoot with both eyes open or is it an issue if someone shoots left handed? Regards, James
  9. Xgriffin123

    Tulliallan 8th April 2013

  10. Xgriffin123

    Tulliallan 8th April 2013

    Anyone else starting on the 8th?
  11. Xgriffin123

    Tulliallan 8th April 2013

    Got my uniform fitted today! Very excited now. It all feels real!!
  12. Xgriffin123

    Getting Ready For Tulliallan

    What episode is that? Would be interested.
  13. Xgriffin123

    Tulliallan 8th April 2013

    Hello, I am also heading to Tulliallan on the 8th and will be at Grampian on the 27th! Nice to hear from someone else who is starting the same time! Are you local or will you be staying in the "provided accomodation" during this time? James
  14. Hello, Firstly, I would like to apologize if this question has been asked before, I had a look around the site and can find various pieces of information, however I would like to get a definitive answer if possible. I have been accepted into Grampian Police and will be starting on 27th March (Can't wait) and the list of items I need to bring says I need two pairs of footwear. I am guessing, one is for everyday use, the other for parade. What is reccomended, two pairs of boots? or one pair of boots for work, and a pair of shoes for parade. Does anyone have any reccomendations on both Parade boots/shoes and operational ones? I would assume, if I am correct with the operational/parade analogy, that one pair be more rugged, and the other, maybe better looking. Any input is greatly appreciated. Cheers
  15. Xgriffin123

    Grampian Police Recruitment

    I received a call yesterday stating that I am starting on the 27th March and contracts should be sent out next week? Just trying to find someone in the same boat, Seems that we will be heading up to Tulliallan on the 8th April Cheers