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  1. If a really firm strike to the ground doesn't work then hit it harder. Failing that is probably bent. If its old then you may have grit on the shaft and despite the advice to avoid, wd40 probably helped alot. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. He did mention that he hadn't been trained yet. As he is still in early days he isn't operational. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  3. monnty

    handcuff and intervening off duty?

    Just saw this. In my experience I don't knew of any who openly carry cuffs. But I do know of some very proactive offices who might. Probably in the car rather than on them. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  4. monnty

    Warning formula of process report book

    Nearly there would be 'soon to leave' with that attitude. I have seen scores of probationary officers appear at the side of my traffic car and can see the muppets who are going to get themselves sacked. You sir are up there with them already. To agro, ill-informed and quick to escalate a situation. Donning stripes has not lessened my exposure to crap recruitment but has dropped my tolerance significantly. What you read was some of the best advive every probationary officer ever received and has done through the ages. For clarity, uklawman asked MUST you say the verbal nip not how since he demonstrated that he was taught it in training at the end of his post. And what's wrong with solicitors? They keep you on your toes, sharpen your interviews and keep your skills up. They make you think before you speak (you need that) To have that loathing for someone you should be indifferent to with a user name that suggests your still in training wheels...... You sir, or ma'am are in for either a very very long career or a very very short career..... Either way, Good luck. God help this forum, no wonder pepipoo does so well. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  5. monnty

    Oh oh oh yessss..

    The only reasonable reply to caution after this..... Driver smashed into a van while pleasuring herself with a sex toy http://dailym.ai/1RtCngC Never on my watch though, and she was cute ....... Gutted (sorry it's from the mail, I shall be making a large donation to charity and amputating my left index finger)
  6. monnty

    Warning formula of process report book

    Learn how to do your job properly before you learn which corners can be cut. Otherwise at best you will look an a#se at worst will be tucked in by Roger, your own big spoon at her majesty's B&B
  7. monnty

    loggerheads, what was the legal situation?

    I know this is old but why not a straight careless on the driver blocking access. If they used their eyes and common sense /courtesy to rectify the mistake life would have gone on. Easy write up and give them a course to try and introduce some competence and humility. Both will fail but at least we tried when they come for round 2.
  8. monnty

    Would this be classed as using your phone and driving?

    A cheeky little drift towards the bus, phone in hand and eyes off the road. Careless, not in proper control. Wouldn't bother with using mobile phone offence. Might throw in a driver not in position to have a clear view ahead. Mainly to wake the prosecutor up... Definitely no middle lane hogging, nor sure what that dig at you was about. Excellent camera, only have a front mounted one myself but wouldn't leave home without it any more.
  9. monnty

    Road Traffic Collisions On Duty - POLACCS

    Going off subject, how would the insurance company know it was a collision. Could be a spruce up job or to get rid of corrosion. they should bever see the invoice so never know until the customer tells them....
  10. monnty

    No MOT vs Insurance validity

    A lack of MOT does not invalidate the insurance obligation with respect to 3rd party cover. If the car is an a dangerous condition then that's a different matter and far more serious offence. Then I have seen one or two get out clauses but i don't tend to read them all any more as they make it up as they go along depending on which call centre you get and how loud you shout. plus the magistrates don't grasp the intricacies of the legislation so i give up and keep it simple for them. No MOT is not sufficient to issue a PG9 prohibition to stop the car moving and if you think about it the VDRS identifies faults, many MOT failures, and we give them 14 days to sort it out and wave them away committing the same offence again. Technically we could stop, fine / VDRS wave and follow, stop fine/VDRS wave and follow all day long. P.I's would be boxed in 3/4 of a mile on day 1. Oh sorry we don't have them any more do we!
  11. monnty

    Road Traffic Collisions On Duty - POLACCS

    I comment from experience, both personal and anecdotal. I was hit by a car and suffered extensive damage to my personal vehicle. Claimed for damages through their insurance and all costs remained with them, notified my insurance of my actions. All settled and paid by 3rd party insurance by renewal time. Renewal quote £100 or 25% increase. Phoned up to ask why. "because you had an accident." It did not matter that the driver admitted 100% liability even before I contacted the company to claim and my company had 0 involvement and £0 costs. Oh and I have 15+ years no claims protected. If i could afford to buy the knickers I would happily twist them, around the throat of the swine that programs these statistics to generate a price! That minor inconvenience cost me hours and hours of my time shopping for a new best quote. I already had the best deal I could find and if i did not declare my none fault claim than that company was still over £50 cheaper than the next best quote. Declaring the incident ultimately cost me around £30 on my premium plus phone calls ( a few £ there) time and frustration. I have lost count of the number of people that have called me over the years, moaning that their insurance went up even though they had no liability and made claims via 3rd party or claim managements. Insurance companies will often consider your lack of liability only slightly better than if you caused the whole thing. I do agree that a single veh damage only is not a RTC that needs reporting but the insurance terms and conditions may require any damage to be reported not just RTC damage. if that was the case then you should report it so they can build up a better picture of your risk levels.
  12. monnty

    Road Traffic Collisions On Duty - POLACCS

    The difference is that police officers are executing a duty, lawful order or acting to protect life or property. whilst the execution of may not be acceptable defence to a breach of policy or even much of the RTA legislation where the officer is the offender expecting officer to be financially liable for such an obligation when they are not is not what the oath was about. I doubt if anyone just collided during normal routine patrol then they would argue the toss but as officers drive in situations where there is a high risk of collision or they are targeted by offenders who commit deliberate acts, it's inappropriate to hold them financially burdened.. T he sales rep does not tend to suffer these problems to often.
  13. monnty

    Road Traffic Collisions On Duty - POLACCS

    so if your executing your duty - Ambulance escort - VIP..... and you collide through no fault of your own do you now need to claim from your force for any financial loss you incur
  14. I watched the full coverage. I still cant see where the dangerous element against te officer came in to play. A bit hot through a couple of red lights and I was convinced he was going to take a peek before crossing the tracks but nope.. profession restraint. I could not see how a careless would be upheld here never mind a career ending Dangerous.. Anyone else have a take on the actual video??
  15. monnty

    NEWS:The dangers of single crewed!

    Front-line policing may be the priority but at what cost. Single crewing is common nationwide but less officers more jobs means less support when things go wrong. The job continues to get more dangerous but the support and security offered our employers continues to dwindle. A risk assessment is all well and good but actually responding to the risk and actually taking action to manage the risks are becoming a thing of the past.