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  1. sheebysheebster

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    No way will I last until late afternoon before eating. Think I'll go for lunch and when I'm bawled at for only just passing I'll blame it on the macaroni 🤮
  2. sheebysheebster

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Well done with your final fitness. 9.5 is good. They'll want you to hit 10 at Tulli so you'll manage it fine. I've got my second fitness at Tulli next Friday, straight after lunch 😒 so think i'll be giving lunch a miss. Enjoy the uniform fitting. Its such a surreal experience.
  3. sheebysheebster

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    You really don't need to worry, you'll get V.
  4. sheebysheebster

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hiya Sorry I'm just responding, connection at Tulli is a nightmare. Yes you can get a pool car but depends how far away you stay, shouldn't be a problem for you to get one. You'll need to take your own car the first week and they'll tell you all about it. Girl in my class is travelling from way up north and using the pool car, think with another 2 peeps. They pick the car up at a local station on the Sunday and drop it off again on the Friday night. Chances are you'll be the only one from V so you'll maybe have car to yourself. Only 2 of us there at the moment. Are you getting excited?
  5. sheebysheebster

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yeah quite a lot of forms to complete. It was a quick morning though. Let me know if you want to know anything.
  6. sheebysheebster

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey Spider12 hope you're well. I'm sure my FF was about 9am and I was finished about 1pm but I was in the last group. 2 weeks into Tulli. Week 1 was a bit of a shock but week 2 has been great. Hope you get Dec intake.
  7. sheebysheebster

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Glasgow and surrounding divisions were closed when I applied. At the time I was happy to go anywhere but put V as my first choice as I'm from Stranraer, although I've lived in Glasgow for many years now. It's only now that I'm wishing I'd held off applying as worried my flat won't sell and I won't find somewhere to live🙄. At least I can stay with family if I get stationed in or near Stranraer. I'm sure it'll all work out 🤞
  8. sheebysheebster

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Received confirmation on Thursday. I really hope I end up in Dumfries but suppose Stranraer or Newton would be best as I could stay with my sister in Stranraer. I'll seemingly not find out until near the end of Tulli but I'm hoping for more notice due to how far I'm moving, seemingly they need to give you more notice if you live more than 35 miles from your station. Strange that I didn't get the PM as I've had from others. I'll try send you one to see if it works.
  9. sheebysheebster

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yip that they are. I keep waiting for the excitement to kick it but I'm too stressed. I don't finish work until Friday and it's crazy busy at the moment, I should be sitting with my feet up by now 😜 . I'm also about to put my flat on the market (live in Glasgow but my division is D&G) and I'm worried sick it won't sell. Aargh!!! Anyway I know all the stress and worry will be worth it in the end.
  10. sheebysheebster

    Sept Intake

    I'm going to ask for paper notes. I do have a chromebook so will take that with me but its version of word is a wee bit temperamental 🙄
  11. sheebysheebster

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Done x
  12. sheebysheebster

    Sept Intake

    I still can't quite believe its finally happening after all this time 😃. Now I just need to sell flat as I'll be moving quite a bit away. Eek hope it sells or I'll be living in my car 😜
  13. sheebysheebster

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Me too, phew!!!
  14. sheebysheebster

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yip also killing me. My notice period is 1 month so I really should've handed in my notice last Tuesday!!!
  15. sheebysheebster

    Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yip i decided to get in touch with them. They're waiting on the SMT results. I'm now worrying that somethings shown up on it. I only take paracetamol and ibuprofen but I do take quite a lot of paracetamol......aargh this is torture. How are your work with you? Mine have been good but not sure how much longer they'll be quite so nice about it 😒