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  1. SimonT

    Starting a Career

    It is helpful to get some experience in just about anything, work in a bar, do volunteer work, anything you can turn your hand to. Extra experience brings incite into things and just helps you with your interactions.
  2. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/law-and-order/11181169/Police-must-record-race-of-everyone-they-restrain-says-Theresa-May.html Theresa May, the Home Secretary, has been accused of burdening police with red tape after ordering officers to record the ethnic background of every person they physically restrain. Mrs May has told police chiefs to launch a system which will force officers to take a note of the race and age of every person against whom they use force, including applying hand-cuffs. Last night a backlash was already beginning to emerge among police ranks, who claimed the Mrs May’s orders mean police will be required to complete potentially millions of new forms a year, even though the Home Office has previously attempted to cut police bureaucracy. John Tully, chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, said: “It strikes me that it’s a duplication of some work that is already carried out on arrest, for example. It’s another outrageous waste of time. I dont quite understand what this is supposed to do, other than shout that police are racist thugs, as per usual. If we dont record the ethnicity of everyone we deal with in any way, then how does recording their ethnicity if we use force help? If we arrest 10 ethnic minority persons and one kicks off and is restrained, we record we restrained one ethnic minority. What about the rest? And, what happens if god forbid you work in an area with a very high or very low minority population. Are we going to have the same problems as with stop searches where you think ' i have already stopped 3 minorities, must find some majorities to stop soon or i will be in trouble.' A couple of colleagues got in trouble for stopping too many ethnic minorities, until a quick google showed they were stopping the ext proportion of minority persons in the make-up of the area. But because it was alot it was 'too much', even though we work where there is a very high proportion of ethnic minorities. Oh well, police bad, message received.
  3. SimonT


    Yep. Another way of spending money on a scheme to back up a failing service that could be backed up by spending the money on it. But, promotions dont come that easy.
  4. Firstly, you have been issued a pin, its been issued. There are no take backs. Its like you reading these words, its happened. Signing one doesnt admit harassing, it admits having been given a piece of paper. You could possibly get a pin issued on this male, but it would have to be after he does something directly to harass you. Not just being a noisy and antisocial person in general. It would probably be better to ask your local officer to come and have a chat about what you can do to try and resolve the matter. Maybe arrange a meeting with the male and try and sort things out. Arranged through the police now you have been given a warning. There are some things that the police can do, some powers held by the council and police to handle antisocial neighbours but they are not great, take a very long time and rely on serious antisocial and persistent behaviour. Unfortunately may of us will fall into the unfortunate position of having neighbours who are total idiots.
  5. SimonT

    CPS take 'no action' against police officer

    I am literally aghast by the sensible and well thought out nature of this. "The evidence suggests that this was a fast-moving incident with events unfolding suddenly and in near darkness; from the police approach to the garden to the petrol igniting the entire incident took less than 41 seconds. "Having considered the evidence, we determined that although it could be shown that the officer owed Mr Pimlott a duty of care, there is insufficient evidence that the duty was breached. In the circumstances, we took the view that a jury would be more likely than not to accept that the officer held a reasonable and genuine fear for both Mr Pimlott’s safety and his own. "Whilst we cannot know whether Mr Pimlott intended to set himself alight, seeing him douse himself in petrol and holding what appeared to be a lighted match, it was reasonable for the officer to conclude that he intended to. "It appears from the evidence that the officer did the best he could in what were clearly very difficult circumstances and that he was faced with a choice of either standing back to allow Mr Pimlott to set himself alight or taking the somewhat lesser risk of applying the Taser in an effort to stop him doing so. "With regards to misconduct in public office, the evidence suggests that the use of a Taser in these circumstances was not prohibited by police guidelines and that he acted in a genuine attempt to save Mr Pimlott’s life and keep others safe. There is therefore insufficient evidence to show that he wilfully misconducted himself or abused the public’s trust in him.
  6. SimonT

    Policing and The Queen

    The queen is the head of state and most laws need her consent. So your just swearing to follow the law.
  7. SimonT

    Police use of personal phones to record conversation

    I wear bodyworn for my own defence against complaints. The evidential value is adequate, but its more important for me. The cps wont even run a victim account in court without the victim showing up, so our mandatory wearing at domestics is a bit redundant. If i feel its necessary to record someone i will, covertly if needed. Im not using it as evidence in a criminal investigation, only to keep myself safe from the evils of people.
  8. My personal choice would be to go for blood/urine after that, just so we dont have to start proving medical conditions etc. But as above, dont sweat it. Traffic is set up quite appallingly and to be as complicated as possible.
  9. SimonT

    Harassment Queries

    NFA - no further action
  10. SimonT

    Essex and Suffolk school laptop thefts:

    But if they pay it, its a tick in the proceeds of crime recovery departments ledger. And thats very important
  11. And the taking of prints etc is std practice. I havent heard of them being removed. Consult a solicitor or ask your local station for a report of the information the police hold on you.
  12. SimonT

    Shaun Wright resigns:

    From what i know of it, which isnt a great deal, 'they' wanted him out because they thought he was awful at his last job. Not sure why that effects his new job. He was 'democratically' elected. But i suppose, you cant get rid of MP's no matter what they have done without using public pressure. So its the way of things.
  13. I think one of my greatest fears is that i will do something i am trained and expected and required to do and that it will be viewed by people who arnt trained, expected and required to do these things and i will be found wanting. I have no problem with officers being dealt with harshly for breaking the law or the rules, but getting done for doing something correctly because of media bais, the wrong camera angle or just bad luck. When you look at how much evdience we have to throw at our general criminals to get so much as a sniff of a charge the the wringer some officers go through is quite apalling.
  14. I will allow this to continue as long as its a discussion of the process of investigation of officers conduct rather than the specific case
  15. And the cost of moving to same kit, procedures, computers and forms would probably destroy the country