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  1. I'm confused; when looking through the BRP website, it said they would take top 15% of apps. If that was/is the case, I don't understand how some people know, like Nugsie, and others don't...
  2. I served for the MPS and am now a PT at Virgin, PM me if you need any advice.
  3. You spoke to which HR about applying to which services...??
  4. Adammwells

    MPS Grad Scheme? help

    I completely agree with Carlos; join the RAF or Navy as an officer. I have friends wishing they never left to join the job...
  5. As you said, the training is very thorough but one thing I'll add on writing a statement; practice over, and over, and over again. 'On day, date, time and place I was...' You know the rest. Can I ask, which service is it you are training with? Note I said service, not force.. We are a service nowadays so my young gov keeps telling me ;-)
  6. As you said, the training is very thorough. On writing a statement; practice over. And over. And over.
  7. Adammwells

    BTP Recruitment

    By conflicting, one assumes you are refering to the 6 month rule...? If so, I am damn near certain you cannot apply to ANY force if you have been unsuccessful within the last 6 months. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  8. Adammwells

    BTP Recruitment

    It was on the Candidate System page, when the role was advertised. - which as we all know, is no longer available Reflex4, did you not apply to Cambs or Notts...?
  9. I don't think location will play a part at all, they will just mark them, then grade them. Remember the location you chose was just a preference.
  10. Word on the street is that there are going to be two sifts. Top 15% get AC. I also got told that they received in excess of 10000 applications.. But I smell BS.
  11. Adammwells

    BTP Recruitment

    After trawling through the website, BTP stated that the TOP 15% of applications would go through to AC.