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  1. mikemike09

    airsoft vs airguns vs replica weapons

    Have done, Its something to do with a website called GRAVATAR for the xbox the kids have set up allowing you to have a unified avatar across all websites, not really the best thing on a police website, once again apologies the pic was actually my son dressing up in his camo gear with a wooden toy i made him. if you look at the size of the gloves you can see hes about 3' high!!!
  2. mikemike09

    airsoft vs airguns vs replica weapons

    Hi guys, I have been trawling the net to get an answer to this question but i am finding all kinds of conflicting advice. I own an airgun (im 40 years young) so i am aware of the law regarding these, but i am now puzzled about the law about replica non firing guns. I would like to purchase some of these replicas for display purposes, mounting on a wall in my man cave etc as they are a lot cheaper than deactivated guns. Now the problem im finding is #1 can i buy these as a non re-enactor film company / man off the street etc legaly and have them in my house? ( i dont intend to run about the local park with them obviously) I'm also confused about the whole airsoft thing, it seems its quite difficult to buy an airsoft gun that fires plastic balls but looks realistic without being a member of a site etc which is fair enough, yet i can walk into an air-gun shop and buy a c02 replica UZI or similar just as easy as i can a normally legal air gun, why am is this allowed yet if i want an all black electric airsoft gun say an M16 i have to prove my use more thoroughly. Am i right in thinking as long as the C02 guns are stored and used the same as the arigun law then thats ok? Sorry if I'm opening up an old topic but I've searched a round and cant quite find 'my' question. Is it because the co2 scene came after the airsoft scene and the law? Thanks for any help in advance Mike just noticed the avatar! i think i have my children to blame for that!