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  1. Hi. I am not sure regarding when people will hear for the May intake. I do believe though, at present the only course coming up is the May/June course. If you do defer be careful as no others are planned at present from what I was told the other day. One course is currently in week 7 and another one week 3. Then the upcoming May one. Cheers.
  2. Hello. On my assessment day which was Feb 2017 I did not have any maths test. Fitness test - bleep test 7.6 Firearms, body armour handling and following instructions. Observation scenario. Video watching and then complete a written detailed report on what you observed. Interview aligned with the role profile of the AFO job role. Thats was the afternoon for me. Hope that helps.
  3. bodkd

    Transfer from HO service.

    Hi. Early days for me to comment on the difference between the two. For me it ticks all the boxes for what I am looking for. The whole idea of lots less domestics, paperwork and the like... sold it for me and the nature and role of the position is ideal for me. For me it’s no contest between the 2. CNC all the way. That’s personal preference for me.
  4. bodkd

    Transfer from HO service.

    Hello, There are many that have transferred. I used to be home office in the 90’s and more recently too and have made the move.
  5. All held at Brentwood for me. Assessment day. Local to me.
  6. Hi there to all. Just started a topic to see if anyone else has a course this coming January. Should be starting 2nd, just waiting for contract.
  7. Hi all. I am awaiting contract to confirm start date, should be 2nd Jan 2018. Does anyone know if the contract is postal or email format?
  8. Hi. Completed mine at Brentwood both times. On the original assessment day and then recently as it had expired as over 6 months old.
  9. Hope you hear something soon. So what site u asking for? Keep the pressure on. I did. Had my medical back in May and got a call last week for start date.
  10. I've got my medical tomorrow. Hoping to make January course.

    1. bodkd


      Hi there. I am awaiting contract to confirm start date, should be 2nd Jan 2018. Do you know if the contract is postal or email format?

      How are u progressing?

    2. Nirych


      Still not heard anything. I'm beginning to wonder if it's all been a waste of time. 

      What I don't understand is that all vacancies are still on going. To me that signifies that they are crying out for officers and yet I've done everyhing and more to prove my worth and I feel like I'm being ignored. I've never known an employer like it.

  11. I've got my medical this Thursday. Should pass that, then it's just a case of waiting for vetting and references. Hoping to make January course as I've applied for Sellafield. 

    How long did you have to wait for results of medical? 

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    2. Nirych


      Thanks for your reply. Had my medical and passed everything but for one thing. Doctor had a concern with my right hip rotation (something about it being either 20 degrees or 20%, I can't remember which, restricted inwards). so that's being referred to "the Panel", which to be honest is scaring the life out of me. To get this close is just too painful.

      I wouldn't mind, but I weight lift 5 days a week and have done so for a lot years, and until he mentioned it I would never have known. After spending the last couple of nights researching  this it all points to my body being slightly out of line which is easily corrected in a day. I have booked an appointment for this Tuesday to see my GP in the hope that "the Panel" will contact him to be confirmed that there is nothing wrong.

      It's frustrating when I know that I am fitter than most and there is nothing I can do now to convince them.

      If (and I hope to God this doesn't happen) they reject me, will I have to do the whole process again?

    3. bodkd


      Hi. Sorry for the delay. Have not been online for a bit. I wouldn’t know regarding the process depending what the panel say. I wouldn’t worry too much about the panel. Quite a few get referred. Have u heard anything yet?

    4. Nirych


      It' been somewhat of a saga.

      After my medical I immediately booked to see my GP the following Tuesday. GP confirmed my suspicion that my hip rotation was muscular and not skeletal. Anyway,  had an x-ry which came back all clear, nothing wrong at all. Had my ears irriated and there's nothing wrong with my ear drums (which I knew).

      Asked my surgery to email findings to CNC. Up until Monday, I hadn't heard anything. Phoned CNC OH and discovered that they hadn't received anything. Back to surgery who insisted that they had sent them but did say that they would resend the reports. Back to the CNC and this time they have received it. I asked how long would it take before I knew where I stood. I explained that I've been waiting 6 weeks. OH apologised for the delay and said that somehow I've been missed, and that I should hear something within the week.

      I was also told that vetting is being done as we speak, so hopefully I may still make the 2nd January date.

  12. Things have gone very quiet on here lately. How did anyone get on at the latest assessment days? Just waiting for references and vetting check to be done. Anyone else in the pipeline for January course?
  13. Hi. Personally having worked in home office forces before I wouldn’t go back. That’s my personal choice, but for others they love working for the home office forces. Many one on their assessment day tomorrow in Essex? I’m down just to do the fitness test as mine expired as over 6 months old now. Start my course 2nd Jan as had confirmation Thursday when they called me with the news. ?
  14. Hi MDPREC, You will have very good guidance during the assessment. It’s really a manual dexterity test. Loading bullets into magazine for hand gun and rifle. Holding the weapons. Moving with the weapon whilst in body armour (stab vest). Nothing to be worried about. Good luck. When is the test?