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  1. PrimeCut

    Vetting - "Within 5 Years"?

    Excellent I will certainly make the request, just because why not? Thanks
  2. PrimeCut

    Vetting - "Within 5 Years"?

    It’s a fair point, I may well just keep trying my luck. It just gets tiresome to get hopes up and have it crumble for seemingly no tangible reason, but similarly I understand why they could fail someone and their reasoning to an extent. Problem I’ve got is my family is tiny, and never appear to have gotten into trouble at all, so figuring out who it could’ve been and convincing someone to admit any offences to me is futile. Its more frustrating because usually forum peeps that fail vetting have that long lost dad that’s up to no good, or the cheeky brother getting in trouble, but I literally have zero clue! It will probably remain a mystery. I appreciate the info and I’ll probably keep trying as you say. Who knows!
  3. PrimeCut

    Vetting - "Within 5 Years"?

    Thanks for the reply. It is seriously demoralising because I have worked so hard - for years, just to be an officer and get close to the policing world. I’m nearing 30 and to be honest not being told anything at all is incredibly frustrating and is shaking my confidence in policing as a valid career choice anymore. It gives me a small reassurance that it’s can’t be my non-existent record, but someone else, however on the flip side this makes it worse because my career is jeopardised by someone else. Onwards and upwards I suppose. Sigh.
  4. PrimeCut

    Vetting - "Within 5 Years"?

    Hi all I was advised recently that I failed vetting for SC clearance, and I think this was due to an undischarged small debt I had not realised I had, that I promptly sorted out. However as is normal I wasn't told why or how I failed, but assumed it was because of this one debt. Their advice to me was 'prospect of success may improve within 5 years'. I have no criminal history or reprimands, no cautions, points or anything. Can anyone translate this at all? Is this a generic term for 'sort your debt out and you'll be fine to give it another shot within a 5 year frame? Or is it that I should not even bother for 5 years? If anyone can shed any light on why this '5 years' is specifically mentioned I'd be obliged.
  5. PrimeCut

    CKP Exam Only

    Thanks for the reply, I've done some research and it's looking less and less likely that what I suggested was possible! Due to the varied way in which it is assessed through exams and written papers. Hey ho.
  6. PrimeCut

    CKP Exam Only

    Hi there Apologies I wasn't sure where to ask this. I was wondering if it were possible to sit just the exam for the CKP from an approved provider, or whether I was required to pay through the nose for an elongated course of information I have already learnt? A bit like how you can pay to sit a GCSE as an external candidate without having to go through the entire course itself.
  7. PrimeCut

    Older applicant

    Hi there. I actually thought, teetering on the 30 mark, that I was going to be significantly older than many applicants but let's be honest - does it matter? The real question you should ask yourself is "do I have any medical conditions or symptoms that would prohibit me from carrying out full police duties". If not then go for it. 44 isn't exactly OLD, but you do need to consider that you'll likely need to be fitter than just the bleep test requirement, and carry that fitness through to daily duties for x number of years. Running, climbing, getting into scuffles - it's all an eventuality in policing at some point. Many career move is what you make it. It's not for us to say whether you'd be good at it or not. All the best
  8. PrimeCut

    Application Sent to Vetting

    Thanks a lot, that's shed a bit of light on things!
  9. PrimeCut

    Application Sent to Vetting

    Morning all Sent my application off mid-March and was told later it was being processed but forwarded to vetting due to some financial declarations. I am still waiting patiently but before I start gently nagging at their heels does anyone know from experience whether this means I'm at least through the papersift phase? Or is the vetting done before they even look at my application? Thanks